Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 3 *In The Flow Of Appreciation*

The Three C's
What a beautiful Day Indeed! In the Flow of Appreciation and loving every minute of it! Today, I am deeply grateful for:

  • Jamaican Beef Patties ( Arsenio got me one!)
  • Coffee
  • Sneakers
  • my Nieghbors Wendy and Dave
  • heat
  • My Business
  • Anita and Lee Yarbrough
  • MOM
  • SARA
  • Silver
  • Internet
  • Oprah
  • My Friends and Family that Believe in me!
  • NO's, because it gets me closer to my YES
  • Bashar
  • Abe
  • YOU
  • My Fingers
  • my Sight
  • my Powerful Creating Mind and heart!
  • The Hug that I got from a homeless guy this morning
  • LOVE
  • Salty skin and hair

Flow of Appreciation INTENTIONS:

  • Enrolling 3 visionary people to my ViSalus Business! It feels so good to hit Rising Star and KNOW that I am helping others to live the life of their dreams! It feels so good to be involved with this amazing company and its exponential GROWTH. Today was so easy! I love how I attracted to me the perfect 3 people to join my GROWING team! Together we are going to the top and we are taking as many people with us that will come! YES!!!!
  • I am so excited that I have came into $5000 to day! YES! It feels so good to get caught up on my responsibilities! I am amazed how easily it came to me, TODAY!
  • My Expansiveness business is connecting with hundreds of people that are looking for health. My Customer base Grows and Grows and they are all reaching their fitness goals and getting their Product for free! 
  • My perfect Body! I love to see it at work! I love my Yoga room and practicing in it daily! It feels so good to know that this was in the cards all the time!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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