Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 20 In The Flow of Appreciation!!!

Okay! I am soo siked and Grateful today that this post will be more of a Rant then Poetry! LOLOLOL

  • Oh I love my sense of Humor!!
  • My Amazing Daughter! She is so freakin inspiring!!
  • Frank! My best friend!!!!
  • Mom!
  • Dad!!!
  • My Business!
  • My Business Partners!!!
  • My expansion!!!
  • My Promotion!
  • My Customers!
  • My dogs!!!
  • My future!
  • My Present!
  • NOW!!!!!!
  • My Teachers!
  • My Students!
  • MONEY!!!!
  • HEALTH!!!
  • Random Acts of Kindness!
  • YOGA!!!
  • Surfing!!!
  • Photography!
  • LOVE!!!
  • Sex!
  • The weight I just Lost!!! (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT!)
You are witnessing one of the most extraordinary times in the History of the WORLD! IAM not alone with the breakthroughs, Promotions, Expansion! There are MILLIONS of us that are in ALIGNMENT with our Best Selves!!

In all of this GLORY, I am Deeply Grateful for all of this that is Unfolding for me RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!!!!

  • MONEY! Lots of it! $10k Plus a Month! All of the Blessing I can do now with that Money!
  • The New House! What an amazing Homestead! I love it! It is so amazing how things turned out! I love our new Place!!! A Home for Me, One for Sara, and Mom!!! We even Have a Pool! Edible Yard! Play space for ALL!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My Sexy Healthy Body!!!!!
  • YOGA! I Have added Yoga Teacher Certification to my Bucket List!!! Yes That's Right!!!
  • The Beautiful Parties I have!
  • My BMW!!! Ohhhh I Love it!!!!
  • The Vacation and Travel That I am NOW able to go to! I love to travel and I NOW do it in the Highest of Style!
  • My Business, Life Coach! Breakthroughs Happen when You look For them!!!
  • The Millions of People That read my Books!!! I love the POSITIVE Impact I have!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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