Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 15 * In The Flow of Appreciation*

Sara and Arsenio :)

Good day! There are so many beautiful things to be grateful for this day!
The wind and the sun, the chirp of the morning birds.'
Sleeping in because I can.
Greek Yogurt in my shake!
Arsenio, he had an amazing experience this morning that brought me tears of deep gratitude! 
Sun Chips.
My work.
My Team.
My Mom!
Abraham - Hicks.

My Business Team! So much Abundance and health is going on their! I feel Great!!!

I am so deeply grateful now that I am Rising Star Director! It feel so amazing to have accomplished this milestone this week! The momentum has built and I am now going to give myself a raise and a promotion in the beginning of February. Then I will be Regional Director and Qualify for my BMW bonus. Oh Yes, That's right!

I am so deeply grateful now that I am moving into my own home! It will have everything I want in a House. It will accommodate my family PERFECTLY! 

I am so deeply grateful and happy now that I am earning a generous income and the money flow is endless. I have stepped into RICHNESS so easily. I am a Money Expert!

I Love my New wardrobe! If feels good to have well made clothes that are new! I look amazing!

I have a team of 12 amazing Promoters! I have run a contest, and the three most productive promoters have received their three. ALL of us are getting our product free and This makes for happy, healthy, and abundant Business partners!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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