Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 13 * In The Flow of Appreciation *

WHOOOHOOO Today is great! So much beauty flowing into my life today!
This day marks the 20th anniversary of my Daughters Sara's Birth! How amazing it is to witness this beautiful woman live! I am so blessed for that! i am very deeply grateful she chose me!
I have acquired two new book for my mind library! 


I am so excited about this because I have been wanting to add the wisdom in these two books to my mind for a while! Now they are mine and I am deeply grateful for it!

Today, I had a visit with my Dad! He came with his wife to take Sara to lunch for her birthday! Ohh we had so much fun! We went to "The Jerk Center" in Tarpon Springs! We love that place so much! I even had a Red Strip! I have not enjoyed a beer since Atlanta! Sara and I both had Ox Tail! Ohh YUM! I was torn between the Curry Goat ( because it is AMAZING) but I steeped out of the box and enjoyed the amazing flavor of Ox Tail!

Now I am enjoying some quite in the library, writing about my amazing happenings! The day is not over yet!
Today I am so deeply grateful for and HAPPY about all of the serenity I am feeling in my heart. All day I have only experienced the beauty! I am attracting all of the great things and experiences into my life Right now! The ability to work with what you have with out complaint and with my appreciation until you have more to work with, will BY THE LAW bring you more to work with. Once that has been accomplished, YOU do IT again! All ways look and be grateful for your expansion. BE BOLD. You are here to EXPAND!
 I am SOOO Happy For the Year of the Water Dragon!
Everything is working out for me!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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