Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 11 * In the Flow Of Appreciation*

  • WHOOOHOOO Excellent day! Today I am deeply grateful for  so many amazing things! I found a perfect home for my awesome chickens! They will be living in a suburban homes stead a few towns south of me. The ladies have their own worm bin to raid! 
  • I am so happy for french fries from great subs.
  • I am deeply grateful for my daughter! She carried the dog food all the way home for me!
  • I am so grateful for my Mom!
  • I am deeply grateful for my neighbors Wendy and Dave.
  • Grateful Intentions:

I am so deeply happy and grateful now that :

  • I have found the perfect home for me and I own it! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a 1/2 baths. A large living room. state of the art kitchen, dining room, office, yoga studio, wrap around porch, a HUGE piece of property! It is an old house and has stood the test of time, it seems as though it has been waiting for a family like ours to live there! I feel so safe and happy. I have Challenge parties 2 to 3 times a week and a monthly team party for all of my local team. I cook awesome meals and grow all kinds of vegetables! It is perfect for me in so many ways!!!!
  • The money I am earning with my company is ASTOUNDING! I am easily earning 6 figures this year! I love ViSalus! I am a master recruiter and promoter. I am a LEADER!
  • My other investments are paying off handsomely! I am well on my way to my first million this year in total income!!!
  • I love traveling with my business and for pleasure. I always arrive early to events and leave late. This way I can enjoy all of the places ViSalus brings me! I also love going on private vacations alone and with my family!
  • I am loving my fit and trim body! It feels so good to be this strong and healthy! I loving using this health to enjoy new sports and exercise! I have taken up surfing! I travel all around the world to do it!
  • It feels so good to be a philanthropist! I have been blessed to give sizable donations to various causes. My favorite is funding urban farms all across America. I also love to sponsor families! I choose a family and pay their utilities and such for the year! If they have pets, I give them a gift card for pet supplies and food too!!!
  • That I woke up bright and cheerful remembering the awesome dreams I had, at 6 :30 am!! 

I am filled with love and excitement during this spectacular flow of appreciation!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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  1. Wow... after reading your post... i am reminded to be grateful for everything, which i have forgotn to do for so long... but i guess t's never to late to start... thanks for this nice post Tara