Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 10*In the Flow of Appreciation*

Hello fellow grateful folks ! Today Iam deeply grateful for :
The feedback I have gotten for my new blog! It has been up for 24 hours and it already has 4 followers, multiple comments and likes. I even had a re blog! Iam very excited and appreciative of that!
I am so deeply honored and grateful for a new opportunity I was offered today. My business partner r requested my help with her social media! I will be gratefully be moderating her fan page and her blog to assist her in generating a following and an internet pressance! Oh yeah! Thats right !
Iam very grateful that my daughter is so awesome! She rocks my world with her amazing style!

Grateful intentions:
I am so happy now that I have developed a strong team of business partners! They are driven, focused, deliberate, and tenacious! Together we build a team of business moguls that can not be stoped.
Iam siked that I have found a new place to live. Every thing about this home is fantastic. Iam so happy it is all mine!
Woot woot! Iam so exited to have won the lotto ! Talk about a head start to my massive "Oprah" dynasty! It brings me great joy to have this boost. I feel safe and sound! I can now travel, as much as I like!!
Life is good folks!!! Keep expanding!!

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