Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 1 of 30 * Appreciation Flow*

Good Day 1 to you!
The Law of Attraction Results group on Facebook has begun another amazing journey for us all to explore.  We are embarking on a Flow of Appreciation for 30 days! This method for manifesting is Tried and True and the perfect way to continue the exploration of the Law of Attraction in our own lives. It is a GREAT place for LOA beginners as well as those of us that have been exploring for some time. Please have a look at Marilyn Holzman's, founder of this amazing group of co creators, video on this subject:

I have so much to be grateful for: (random order)

  • My flip flops
  • My Sneakers
  • My laptop
  • free internet connection at the library
  • coffee
  •  my amazing business
  • my amazing transforming body
  • my awesome house
  • my daughter
  • my mother
  • my daughters boyfriend
  • my beautiful friends
  • my inspiring business partners
  • my dogs
  • my chickens
  • my gardens
  • the neighbors
  • the guy sitting behind me that looks much like Kirk Nugent
  • the internet and the amazing people I have found there
  • BOOKS, I love BOOKS!!!
  • Video Technology
  • sunshine
  • rain
  • my cell phone
  • my flip camera and my life cam
  • memories
  • the beach and the sand
  • the wind ( one of my favorites)
  • my bed
  • my pillow
  • my crystals
  • my dad
  • Brain Sync
  • My clear and Powerful Heart and Mind
  • My Strong intentions 
  • My Love!!!

Intentions Appreciation: I am so deeply grateful now that... 

  • I am shopping for and planning an amazing dinner for my family and me to enjoy. It feels so good that the meal I have chosen for us is so delicious and fun to make!
  • I have all the money could want to enjoy a life of unlimited abundance, and how EASY it is to get it, spend it and stay in the positive flow of it!
  • I have attracted dedicated and service oriented business partners to join me in my business
  • my customer base is growing exponentially and many lives are being changed. It feels GOOD knowing that I am assisting so many to a healthier life.
  • I am  on vacation in Mexico! Yes a Yoga retreat!! Surfing and Yoga ohhhh so yummy!
  • that I have reached the perfect fitness for me! Now I am wearing beautiful clothes and doing amazing things with my body!
  • I am moving into my first home! It is a beautiful Florida Cracker style home, built in the early 1900's. It is in the most beautiful town in all of Florida, BROOKSVILLE. I have plenty of land to get me started, and this house in a wonderful way to 'practice' for the BIG ESTATE. I so much Love this!!!
  • I love My BMW! I earned it from my Business and the payments are made every month by my Business!
  •  I am in the flow of abundance and wealth.
  • I am earning 25K or more a month from ViSalus, promoting the worlds LARGEST 90 day Health Challenge!
  • I am a philanthropist. I have always been a giver, but now I Give big and reach many more people then ever before!
  • Nana's Garden has really taken off! We are breaking ground on community farms all across the country!
  • I attend all of my Business Events. I get to spend time with Powerful and amazing people and travel all over the world doing it! I travel in High Style!
  • I have attracted the perfect man for me. He is deliciously handsome, generous, driven, healthy, wealthy, smart, adventurous, spiritual, a real DIY kind of guy. He is AMAZING!!! and he Loves me (pssst, he is great  in bed too!)!!!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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