Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Growing Pains

Most of us have been doing all sorts of amazing things to improve ourselves this year. I have made massive changes, learned beautiful things, quit my job, cut WAY back on drinking, did my first raw food/juice fast. I have embarked on many short and long term challenges to better myself ie. : no complaints for21 days , Kirk Nugents 90 day challenge, 30 day Law of Attraction. I have studied many books, listened in and participated on many confrence calls, hosted virtual meetings, decluttered my home, opened Nana's Garden, received my Horticulture certification.  Iam currently in our 100 day *IT IS MINE* with a couple dozen other wayseers. Iam also currently in my very first 90 day Body By Vi challenge.  I have made some amazing friends and business associates. I have had a blessed 2011.
I have been very busy living and loving my life this year.
Now as 2011 gives us her last few days, I am finding myself having growing pains...Whoa... I know!
Time to say fair thee well, time to take all we have learned and all of our experiences to this next year, streach ourselves further and better than ever before. Iam ready for more. Iam ready for my fortune.
Yeah, it might hurt, but I promise you, It won't for long.


  1. Tara, This is so beautiful and touched my heart so I released a few tears because I can really identify with this. Look at how much passion you have! How inspiring ! Thank you.