Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Gift Of Giving

 This Holiday Season I can not help it but feel so blessed to be with a roof over my head and food on my table. I think of and see so many Americans that are not as fortunate as I am. If you have been following me for a while, you know that Food Security Issues have been a major motivation for me and my daughter and thus the birth of Our Non-Governmental Organization "Nana's Garden". We have always been thinking of solutions to help others get in position to increase food security in their homes. Being insecure about food relates to so many health problems and cognitive problems. When a family is worried about where they will get their next meal, they will eat what ever is offered to them, and more then not, that food is very low in nutritional value. Please let us not pretend that the food that is offered to those in need is nutritious. I have been to many a food bank, and I know I have had to live on canned food, boxed potatoes, and potted meats. This is not doing anyone any good. Read this article: http://nanasgarden71.blogspot.com/2011/01/social-change-in-americas-school-lunch.html It explain how nutrition affects out children and our society. Do you Know that 17 million American children Go to bed Hungry? Did you know that 48.8 million people in America Live with out Food Security? Did You Know that 40.2% of all American Families live below the Federal Poverty Line? That was as of 2010, and if you have any idea, these numbers have increased.
I have a Solution to really help return Food Security, REAL Food Security, to millions of American People! I have partnered with ViSalus Sciences, as you know, and we are feeding people all across the country NUTRITIOUS Meals! For Less than 50cents a day, YOU TOO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Visit : http://tarawoodruff.visalusgiving.com and make your pledge today!
NOW What about me? What will I do to partner with you on helping American people remove themselves from food insecurity? My Daughter, Sara Litardo and I, Ground Breakers and Founders of Nana's Garden, will install a Vegetable Garden for a local family or community ( we are not above Gorilla gardening :) for every 7 people that go to http://tarawoodruff.visalusgiving.com !!! IMAGINE if 400 of our Facebook Friends join hands with us, we would be planting 57 gardens to local families in the New Port Richey Area of Florida! Help Us make an impact! Much Prosperity and Abundance! Tara Woodruff email: magikbroom71@yahoo.com phone: 727.945.2193 http://tarawoodruff.visalusgiving.com


  1. Hello beautiful! What a fantastic blog, and example of how to live. I've been a FB fan, and appreciate all you're sharing with me, and the world..Keep at it~GREAT work!! ~:o)