Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tara And Sara's March to 500! ~Body By Vi Challenge~

We have Made a decision ! Sara, my amazing daughter and business partner, taking our FIRST 90 day Body By Vi Challenge to a whole new level! Yesturday, we decided to leave our truck home and walk. By the end of the day, we logged 5.46 miles! WHAT! So we thought about it, WHAT IF we walked 6.32 miles everyday for the remainder of our challenge? That would bring us to 499.99 miles in 79 days!
We have decided to do it! We are going to walk 500 miles over the course of our remaining 79 days!
We are looking for others to join us! Wheather you start the challenge and walk that over 90 days (5.55 miles a day) or start the challenge and walk 225 miles; We want to do it with you!  We are looking for your support and we want to support you in your health goals!
If you do not want to do the challenge yourself, but want to be involved, we would greatly apprieciate you sharing this blog post, sending good walking shoes (we are gonna need em:) or just wishing us well (email us at !
If you are SERIOUS about getting on the road to health and wellness with us, visit and get started today! We will be here for you Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Sciences
Body By Vi Challenger/ Promoter

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