Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Body By Vi Challange has officially Began!

The Official Start of my Body By Vi Challange is on! Novemeber 1st 2011! We are so excited at my house! All of us have been taking the shakes for a little bit now, but not full force. Now I am fully replacing 2 meals with the Vi Shake and sm so happy to be on my way to a healthier body!
So far, with just one replacement a day,I have lost 5 pounds, My daughter 10, and my Mom a whooping 37 Pounds!!!!! We are on our way indeed! I am looking forward to having them totally n the Body By Vi challange so I can see their amazing results as well! I am looking for others to join me, Lets do this! Visit my link and take a look at all the options. Fill out the Contact form and I will contact you to help you decide on which challenge is right for you! You don't have to overweight, all you have to be is determined to live a healthier life!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Sciences

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