Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IAM going to MIAMI! ~ViSalus~


We set out to be Number 1 and We are going to be Number 1~ Ryan Blair (Founder)

Hello! I am so very excited to announce that I will be on the road again this January! I am heading to MIAMI! Yes that's right MIAMI! ViSalus is holding an amazing event in Miami this January for all of the Body By Vi promoters that reach National Director by December 31st! I will be among some of the best movers and shakers of the ViSalus Community for a 3 day event!
The reason why I am Blogging this is because I KNOW there are some very POWERFUL and COMMITTED people reading this blog and I want to invite you to come as well! There is plenty of time to JOIN me and WORK together to reach this goal! ViSalus is the fasting growing company in the fastest Growing Industry in  North America! Our Growth is EXPONENTIAL! This Company has seen  a 3000% Increase in Growth in one of the Worst economies in U.S. History.
My Personal Enroller, Friend and Business Partner sky rocked over the last 7 months of her life. She went from being a school teacher with a HUMBLE income and absolutely ZERO job security to over 12k a month with ViSalus! This is Not a Get rich opportunity, it is a get financially independent much faster then a traditional JOB opportunity. This is where your dedication and commitment are paid off in REAL dollars, IN REAL TIME with a REAL COMPANY with solid science, and a SOLID team. The team I am involved in is the FASTEST GROWING team in the company. WHY? because we are dedicated to helping each other become the income earners we desire to be. We are their for each other and support each other.
I have made the commitment to be at this event and I want to be sure you all have the same opportunity I do! Lets Do This! Call, Email, Go to the link below and fill out the contact info. I will help you get started today!
Here is the Event Itinerary:

Here is a Word from a fellow Challenger/Promoter, BLAKE MALLEN, on our Compensation Plan : Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

Body By Vi


  1. I really like your site. Its awesome!
    BTW, hope you had a very nice trip.
    Take care!

  2. Miami is a great place, beaches and people. I'm glad to hear that you are already ready to enjoy and maximize your trip to Miami. And yeah, great company with that growth rate. Surely it is an outstanding company you will be teaming up. BTW, you can encourage more commenters if you will modify your commenting system, that is, adding some "name and URL" profile. I needed to signup for a bloggers account just to make a comment. Cheers!


  3. Nice site! have fun in Miami :)