Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 38 *IT IS MINE* Enough Is Enough

As I am moving through this 100 days I have found myself becoming more and more focused. The wishy washy has left the building indeed! So today I want to talk about the DO or Die, The ALL or NOTHING of stepping into our greatness. It is not that I have not posted about this before or known it to be true, it is just that I was much gentler in those posts...With that being said...if you do not want to REALLY hear what it takes or really want to do what must be done, or if you are still in the place of 'only if' then this post is not for you. This post is for the ones that want Success (No matter what it means to you) and are no longer making any apologies about it.
If what you want is to live your life to your fullest potential (which is Limitless ), YOU must be willing to BURN every single bridge that leads you away from it.
NO more excuses...NO MORE. If you want to be a good parent, friend, mentor, child, person...YOU must be willing to lead by example.
YOU must be willing to take the punches that may come as a result of your dedication. You must be willing to walk away from people, places, and things. You must have the Drive, Dedication, and UNWAVERING FAITH that you will succeed. You must be WILLING and ABLE to see past 'reality' and look toward your dreams.
8 months ago, I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I came to a place where I KNEW, Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, that if I Kept going on the same path I was on, I would NEVER live the Life I always KNEW I am supposed to live.
YOU must Come to that place.
You must come to the understanding that there is MORE THAN ENOUGH or you will become greedy Or WORSE: POOR AND RESENTFUL. You must come to a place where you KNOW with all of your HEART that you can IN FACT have it all.
NO MATTER WHAT! NO MATTER YOUR PAST, NO MATTER the NAY SAYERS, No Matter the news, No Matter the Situation... NO MATTER WHAT!
YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE on this PLANET that can make or break you...NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT! You must be willing to seek thew guidance. You must be willing to step into your Faith. You must be the one who READS the BOOKS,. You must be the one TO STAKE ALL THAT YOU ARE ON ALL THAT YOU WILL BE. You will ONLY be what it is YOU choose to be. No matter where you end up or how you will live, EVERY bit of it is YOUR CHOICE. No Matter what, ALL of our SUCCESSES and FAILURES were made by OURSELVES ALONE. No one, No event made us...WE DID> We do it every time. You have NO ONE TO BLAME.
It doesn't matter what you want to call it, whether it be work or play...You have to be the one that does it.
IF you have not started YET... NOW IS your MOST POWERFUL TIME...DO NOT WASTE IT.
When Is the last time you heard a successful person give an excuse???

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff


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