Thursday, October 27, 2011

ViSalus Atlanta!!! Our Experience!!

So happy to be updating! Whoowhooo! What a weekend! My Mother, Daughter and I went to Atlanta for our Visalus Event! We are some dedicated people! Mom sold her car to get the money to go. We rented a car, but they never reserved it, so NO car! We called all around and no cars! I called my Dad, he lives 2.5 hours south of us ( thanks be to the gods!) and he lent us his truck! We started our journey at 8 am Friday Morning! We arrived at the Omni at 4 am Saturday Morning! I thought I was going to just die! I took a Nuero at 2 am and BAM! Off we went to get to the hotel! We got 3 hours sleep, then we were off to the days events! Lots of Walking! Mom was trying so hard to keep up, she ended up hurting her leg, so instead of quitting, she ordered a chair so she could! Once in that chair, she declared, "I will not be in one come March! I will run that event!" So Powerful that is INDEED!
We witnessed 6.2 million dollars in BONUS checks be distributed! We Witnessed 1870 BMW's given away!  We were in the company of 10,000 people! Yes You got that right, 10,000 Visalus Promoters! This event was so amazing, NONE of us want to unpack... but we KNOW we need to because we will not be able to wear the cloths we have now!
Out Amazing team lead by Jennifer May, Ambassador! And Out direct leader Anita Yarbrough, Presidential Director, Just blew my mind with their stories and their generosity!
We want to share this with all of you! Please take the time to Google Visalus, Ryan Blair, Body By Vi, and see what is happening all across the country! We are on the March for a Billion!
When you are done researching my company, go to my Link and fill out the contact form. I will call and get you on your way to join our challenge! Lets Do This!!!!!

Here is Eric Rose's Story! He is so inspirational!!!

From Left: Patrice, Tara (me), Sara, and Mom (Sandra Copeland)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

Body By Vi Promoter/ Challenger

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