Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Quiet of the Setting Sun

In the quiet of the setting sun, I sit alone with my thoughts of today. Lights still out, and that is no matter because The light within is shining bright. I have learned so much wisdom in this lifetime and today was no exception; today's lessons are deep and beautiful. My own power shined through, my path is clear. I heard a song of good byes from a dying man, and the wings of a Phoenix flapping in the remnants of a fire. The sweetness of life envelopes me.
Last night, before awakening, I kept hearing the words from Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle Into The Good Night; Fight Fight against the dying of the light." Today, it has meant so much more to me than before. You see, I have been in this place before, yet there is a vast difference between NOW and THEN. I am gentler, stronger, and much more open to my own power. Before I would have felt lost- alone- and singled out. Now I know it is all my creation and with that knowledge I can literally shift the path beneath my feet. I can forgive and have mercy on myself and open myself to the wonders of my life. I no longer wish I woke earlier, for I know this is when I chose to awaken. Even Here, In this Moment, that would have driven me into to the pit of self pity, I am happy - SO HAPPY and profoundly amazed at the wonder of it all. Even in the dying of today's light.
This Tale is one beautiful tale to tell!
When you find yourself in the midst of your past creations; do not fret. Instead, embrace your new awareness and be still. Seek guidance from your higher awareness and the answers to your questions will be clearly laid out before you. This forward moving thought will quickly lift you from the place that would have paralyzed you before. This time will pass into your new abundant creation and you will not be "stuck" in the muck of your past. You will see how this moment was made and you will be given the power to make the next step. IT WILL BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF IT> Expect the best from yourself and that is just what you will get.

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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