Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dy 15 *IT IS MINE* You Gotta Be Hungry!

We offer no Hope for the person who is so indifferent as not to want to get ahead in life, and who is not willing to pay the price~Napoleon Hill

Hello My friends!
 It is Day 15 of my 100 Day *It Is Mine* and I wanted to talk today about what I have manifested into my life, and how I am ready for it. As some of you may know that I am going to Atlanta next weekend for a ViSalus Confrence! My Mother and I are going to spend two days and 3 nights totally immersed in the comany and training for our new business. This is very exciting indeed! This morning I was talking to my Business Mentors , Anita and Lee Yarbrough ( Presidential Directors), and I am going to stay in Atlanta for another night to throw a Challenge party for the world! We will be doing it Live! Using the tools We have to bring this amazing opportunity into peoples homes! Then after that, I will be heading to ANOTHER state to continue with some more amazing training! I won't be back home untill the middle of the next week! This is an opportunity that many never get,whether it be in Network Marketing or another venue. How often do we get opportunities to work directly with Proven Leaders in any industry! We often must read the books and attend seminars to learn from them, and I have an opportunity to work One on One with one of my Mentors!
So this brings me the question to my fellow 100 Day Challengers and to those who are just reading this blog: What opportunities are right in front of you right now? And are you willing to step out of your compfrot zone to meet those opportunities so that they may impact your life in the way that they were meant to.
I could come up with all sorts of reasons to turn it down, Let's see if any of these are familiar:
I don't have the money.... I can't get the time off work....I am anxious of spending time with poeple I have never met... I don't have nice clothes... and so on and so on. How many opportunities have I passed by because of this kind of thinking....COUNTLESS. But as I prepaved my 100 days, and set the intention that I was going to have a KEEN ability to see and act on opportunity when it arises. I set the intention that my wealth and happieness Depended upon it. This new adventure is not so difficult for me as it would have been in the past. IAM ready to step into this new part of my life and no thing could get in my way. Not any negative self talk, not any reality, NOTHING.I know that we all have desires to live a better life, and the key to recieving it is to go a head and get it. Be open to the gifts the Universe puts in your path, They are priceless. Be ready to accept gifts, explore new avenues and trust yourself. You have all the experience you need to help you step into this new and amazing part of your life! I BELIEVE IN YOU AND GOOD THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!

It is Vitally Important that You are COMMITED TO THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR LIFE. No Excuses, No Apologies. And remember, Victory Loves Preparation!

Watch Out Atlanta!

 Much Love,
Tara Woodruff


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