Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day1 "IT IS MINE * What About Now* *

Day 1 of my IT IS MINE and I have been discovering so much about myself.  So many of us are in the position of , where is my stuff, I am not alone in the question. So I decided to sit and be still and ask myself what are my solutions to the things i was regarding as problems. I sat still and quite and opened myself up to ask. As soon as I allowed the solution to come, as a soon as I pushed aside my 'why me' ego, I was showered with all that I have today. I was looking for opportunity, it is part of my 100 days, and I received it as soon as a week. Then something that I had been manifesting for 40 years came into my physical reality. I almost allowed myself to feel sorry for my self. In the past, I would have been driven away from the solution, I would have driven myself into more of the things I so not want. But I have changed immensely over the last year and I no longer approach obstacles that same way, as a matter of fact, I am a Very Powerful creator and It does,t take me 40 years to manifest anything any more. So I asked for the lesson and the solution. And now I have it.
So for those of you that are feeling deep contrast within your life experience, I have some advice, I have a story to tell about how I am already rich. This has a lot to do with how I am preparing myself forr great success. Because I have softened my resistance and allowed more flow, dealt with my chip on the shoulder I used to wear so well, I have all ready adopted the mindset of a millionaire. So when the millions manifest into my reality physically, I am prepared to be happy there.
So my story is a 'Rags to Riches' tale in the making
. We have often read books about people that have risen from the ashes to claim their life, but it is usually from the eyes and perception of one that has already done the work. When is the last time you read this kind of tale from the perspective of the beginning and as the journey unfolds? I have not. So I have begun my book my mother has been waiting for. Here you will witness the mindset of a person that will not allow obstacles to be anything less then opportunities. You will see how I think, feel and act will play out the outcome I am manifesting.  By the time you are done Reading my 100 days IT IS MINE, you will see how important mindset is, if you don't already know.
Today, if you are finding yourself in need of an answer, or a solution, get in a quite place. Do it, be willing to meet your source half way. You have MUCH physical and NON Physical assistance, and YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS to your questions. If you will not allow them to present themselves and embrace an UNSHAKABLE FAITH you will stay right where you are; stagnant and dying. If you make the shift in your heart and mind that you are not a victim, you will blossom into the most powerful person you will ever know. Together, we can share our experiences to enlighten one another. We can learn lessons from each other that may help us on our path.
I know your Mission, as I know mine. If you are not sure yet: just ask yourself, in the deep of the night: and you will reveal your path form the shadows. You will step into the light!
So If you are ready for radical change: THE TIME IS NOW! Great things are headed your way!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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