Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20 *IT IS MINE* Big Future!

Hello! It is day 20!!!! WHOA! This is a very exciting time!  Today, I want to talk about  getting and being prepared for large events in our 100 days. Many of us are on such a close brink of major shifts in our lives. These major shifts are part of our creation and our faithful efforts to manifest of greatest life. It is an interesting place to be, indeed. Many things come up, deep rooted feelings, echos of the past and so on. We all have been taking on all the things we have been shown and now we are stepping into the next place. That place is receiving. Some of you are moving to new countries, some are exploring new business's, relationships; the list goes on an on. It has become so obvious to us and for the first time ( for many of us) we are TRULY in the roll of our life times. 
 I am on the Eve of one of the most amazing manifestations of my 100 days so far, I wanted to share with you how I am immersing myself in the Vortex and following my heart and determination.
 First thing, I consult with many of the people in my Master Mind Alliance. We share excitement and encourage one another.
Second, I wrote a list (a growing list) of personality traits that I am possessing that are bringing me into the life I desire.
Third, I wrote myself a *Dear Me* from the 26th of this month talking about the amazing experiences I will have and enjoy over the next 5 days.
Fourth, I have finished reading "Think and Grow Rich" and have absorbed so much of the wisdom .
 I have made focus wheels and searched for wisdom, prayed, meditated, danced and sung. I even got a pedicure!
It is so important to stay focused at the time of your process to reaching your goals. Stay in the zone, stay focused and Know This: "It is Not Possible to Give Up On a Big Dream" ~Abe

It Is Your Time To Shine!
Stake Your Claim!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff


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