Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19 *IT IS MINE* The Master Minds

As you become successful everyone will not like you and endorse you. Success can tend to show up certain people from your circle of influence and some people will envy you and feel jealous. You do not leave people behind, they choose to stay there. There will be many people who will encourage, support and endorse you. You are not responsible for other peoples success and feelings. You are responsible for your feeling and your success, get comfortable with this process.
Hello! Today I am wanting to talk about Creating your Master minds List. I am reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and he places great emphasis on this list of Allies and Co creators. The more and more I learn, the more and more I see the relevance of this list in assisting You in creating the life that you want. You may be like me and share almost every detail of your journey or you could be a more private person and share only with your close friends. Yesterday, I wrote about Naysayers and WaySEERS, and that ties in so perfectly to the creation of your list.
This list should be a growing list, a list of people you can connect with and talk about your manifestations, success, and goals. This list should be filled with people that are encouraging, supportive and helpful to your journey. This list of Master Minds should also be people that you are supportive and helpful to as well. These relationships should be as reciperical as possible.  There may even be categories in this list; for instance, you may want to make a Master Mind List for your health goals, business ambitions, and so on. Some people may just make you laugh and feel good, others may be experts in areas you want to be advised in.
It is very important to be selective of your Master List,for there is truth in the statement "You are who you Hang out With." So a great place to start is The Law of Attraction results Group on Face Book.

There are many groups and organizations to join and find your Master List. Start with a list of your aspirations, and seek out people that emulate those same interests. Reach out to them, get their phone number, call them, build relationships. You would be surprised how may of them are willing to help and offer support to you. Be ready to give and offer support to them as well. Work as a team! Be prepared to Edify, and be prepared to be Edified! Build Your Master List! BUILD YOUR ALLIANCE!

Stand Up and be counted, You are here to stake your claim! Do it with Assistance!
Much love!!!!!!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

Master Mind

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