Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 *IT IS MINE* Wishful Thinking-vs-Manifesting

"It is IMPOSSIBLE to Give Up On A Big Dream"~Abe

I felt compelled to write this blog for you. My Daughter, My Mother and Myself have had the same experiences about the difference between Wishful Thinking and Manifesting.  These experiences are conversations with people regarding the 'realness' of the things we manifest. It seems they are confused between Manifesting as a real ACTION and wishful Thinking as mere fantasy that never amounts to much. We have all heard, "Are you manifesting or is this Real?" in one form or another. This statement boggled me at first, then I realized that someone that asks a question like that must not fully understand our AMBITION and that we actually create our life. So the best way for me to compare Wishful Thinking and Manifesting, is to compare the Wishful Thinker and the Deliberate Manifester. These people generally are not happy with their own lives and they chalk up Dreams and Desires to wishful thinking because they have given up on their dreams and desires too soon. It is often just after the most difficult times we realize our dreams. But if we give up because of those times, we never see fruition. Most of us can relate to that so much, because before we may have felt the same way. Most of us have had desires that never came to be, for one reason or another, We stopped pursuing it. Everyone reading this has probably given up hope at least once in their life.
You see, I used to Wishful Think, I used to Blame, Wait, Sabatoge, Create drama, Be jealous, Resentful, and listen to my surroundings TOO much. I wasn't all bad, just like the folks who asked this question. What I lacked then was FAITH. Plain and Simple, I just did not believe I could achieve. And when I had a desire, I was ill equipped to see it through.
Manifestation is an altogether different thing. It is a desire that burns so bright that you KNOW it can be yours. You know it through out your soul. You know it because you have had the experience of getting things based on your feeling and thoughts before ( Albeit it may not have been what you desired, I have manifested some nasty things in my life because I gave thought and emotion to things I did not want).  Every Moment is aligned with your Knowing. Faith is the predominant experience of  the manifesters heart. They are so faithful that people, places and , things fail to sway them from their goals. Their intent is Divine. Part of all this energy is the physical and spiritual essence of their desire in their lives. All stages of this is MANIFESTATION. It is Not wishful Thinking; It is not some elusive thing one feels undeserving of.

Let us examine the difference between a Wishful Thinker and A Deliberate Manifester:

Wishful Thinker:                                                            
~Generally never has enough.                                  
~Always has something to complain about                                                      
~Things that "happen" are thought of as something that was 'done' to them
~Are usually "Victims" of something                          
~They carry baggage and chips from their                  
Past to validate their Misfortune.                                 
~Often appear to be struggling, never really getting   
~They are Exhausted                                               
~They are often Sad, and sometimes Mean              
~They are careless with their words, and their time.  
~Often work at JOBS they hate, and those JOBS Never pay Enough.                                                     ~No Matter how much Evidence or Lack of  evidence is shown that this kind of "Working Hard" Does not amount to anything worth while, THEY
WILL STILL try to talk you into doing what they
do. (This is the Misery Loves Company Problem)
~Are often concerned with other peoples Opinions. 
~Watch TV constantly.                                           
~Entertain themselves with Gossip and Judgement. 
~They never mind their own Business and are often BROKE because of it.
~They Often Talk About what they are "gonna" do  but RARELY ever get around to it.

~ Always has more then enough
~Is rarely ever heard complaining
~Things that "happen" are things they attracted
~ Are not a victims
~Learn from their past and let it go, they live in the NOW.
~Appear that life is "Easy" for them
~Full of Energy ( Insomnia is a common trait at first)
~Are happy and considerate
~Are deliberate and thoughtful with their words and
~Always enjoy their work, otherwise they would
not be doing it. They are often Entrepreneurs.
~Deliberate maifesters have been there and done
 that, and KNOW BETTER.
~Consult Only their Master Minds when seeking
~ READ and Study Constantly
~Has NO TIME FOR THAT! (Gossip and Judgement is a WASTE of TIME)
~Always mind their Own Business.
~Are too Busy doing to talk too much about it. You
 may see their Vision Boards, or hear them being
excited about the future, but that is secondary to
the DELIBERATE Manifestation WORK they are

You see, Wishful thinking and the Deliberate manifesting is as different as the Wishful Thinker and the Deliberate Manifester. In fact, THEY ARE POLAR Opposites.
Mark My Words Very Carefully, When one is Manifesting, it is a MATTER of Time before the Wishful Thinker will wish they were As deliberate with their lives. Some may even Do something about it. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. Ah, but it is ALL good. Wishful thinking is still good stuff. I like it as well as I like creative daydreaming.