Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13 *It Is Mine* Focus Wheels

Hello My Friends!
Well this has been an amazing 13 days indeed! Last post I talked about using the tool *Dear Me* to help us get connected with our higher self. But What happens if you are experiencing a difficult time with bringing yourself into the place of Happieness about your desires. We already KNOW that when we have negative feelings about Money, Health, Or anything, we attract more of the negative to us. So How do we go from Anxious to Exilerated? How do we get into the 'MOOD' to feel good about what we are lacking and move into the faith that we are in the process of recieving?  The Focus Wheel bring me to this happy place very quickly. When ever I have leakage, and doubts try to rush in, I Block the leak with a Big Fat Focus Wheel! This is a Very good plug for sinking emotions. We are all here to live our mission, and dropping into negativity and Staying in Negativity is a sure fire way to step backwards, and further away from our desires.
I do these before my *Dear Me's* and the process is so much simpler for it! The first is an axample I found on the web, of a focus wheel about self love retrieved from :

 This one is a blank Template from
This one is so fun! This is from the Shift it Coach, Christina Merkley ! You should visit her site! She Rocks! (And I am an Affiliate!)
Making the Focus Wheel is fun, and You can do it anyway you want to! You can get creative like Christina, or simple. The Idea is to put your desire in the center, then work your way around it stating ONLY positive things about this desire. While you are doing this, You will feel the tension going away. You will begin to feel freedom about the desrie. You negative self chatter will be silenced and you will be ready to embark on a GREAT *Dear Me* Letter from your future self! The Future Self that already has the desire and is thanking you for your perserverance. The Future Self that is so happy you put forth the effort. Changing how we feel about what we do not currently have or have enough of, is Crutial to progress. We are not here to finish the journey, but to expand upon our selves, CONSTANT improvement is the goal. Don't Stop: Don't settle, ALWAYS reach for more! That is why we are here!
So if you are just getting started and have A Lot of Contrast or You already have wealth and health, you are to constantly IMPROVE upon it. Think about it. The More you have done the more you can share! Sharing our accomplishments on the way shows the Universal Helpers that we are in Sync with the things we desire. There are no secrets and you do not have to feel alone, You Are Not Alone at all! If you are not already on Facebook, get there, AND join Law of Attraction Results Group, where people from all stages of their journey are sharing how they do it! We are in this together! Here is the Link!!!
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Tara Woodruff


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