Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swimming With Dolphins

 I was just reading an amazing blog by a friend from Hawaii, Her name is Kate Sommers and she is an amazing woman indeed! Please take the time to look at her amazing blog telling of her experiences with dolphins (and more She is a MAGNIFICENT DELIBERATE CREATOR!)
 Click here to be linked to her blog:

After reading her post and feeling all of the excitement of her experience, I have found a deep impulse to share my story.

One day a few years ago, My mother Sandra Copeland and I were at the beach in Tarpon Springs. I was an avid snorkeler at this time. There are no waves here and I missed em, so I developed another play for the water and snorkeling was it. WOW it was beautiful and I made friends with many fish and learned to enjoy the water quietly. One day I had just come in from snorkeling for a couple of hours when off in the distance I saw fins. I put my flippers back on so fast, most on the beach were sure I was some kind of super hero or at least a Navy Seal. I dove into the water and swam out to where I judged the fins to be heading. There were two fins coming right for me. I was looking over the top of the water and wondered where they could have gone. So I slid my mask back over my eyes and LOW AND BEHOLD I was surrounded by dolphin. Two adults and 3 babies. Well, THEY ARE IMPRESSIVE and I was scared out of my wits. I noticed that they were communicating with one another and realized they were communicating about me. I understood, but was stil very afraid. They were less then arms length but I was paralyzed. They swirled around me, I am sure causing quite a stir with the spectators on the beach. When the biggest one said "look how scared the human is, Watch this!" He came in close to my face, (I could have kissed him) and he made a very loud sound all while smiling at my face! I screamed as loud as the water could carry my sound and all of them proceeded to laugh at me swimming around and around laughing Very hard! Then, they decided to go. I was amazed! My only regret was not trusting, Wild dolphin do not get close to humans unless they are wanting to be touched. If they meant me harm it would have been done. I was so close, next time I will have no fear.
THESE ARE NOT MY PICTURES, they are the closest pictures I could find to give you a visual on how intense this encounter was. I will be snorkeling again soon, and I will be doing it with a camera :)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. Thanks so much Tara for mentioning my story and my blog!! LOVE your story about dolphins!! Yes it can be a bit intimidating when they come so close!!
    ~Aloha, Kate