Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is a very important post for me. I have just come into understanding, with the aid of my dear friend, that I needed to rewrite a part of my story. This part of my story is vital to me becoming who I really am.

There is not a person on this planet that owes me a dime! You do not owe me anything, he does not owe me anything, she does not owe me anything. All things that I had perceived of as debt to me has been lifted from me. The checks have been written and cashed.
 You see, I have been carrying a huge amount of debt in my head.
You see, I have accumulated a large amount of people owing me.
 So much that when I think about what I owe, I say "If they would have just paid, I would be able to pay." So what I have discovered is that this attitude has actually increased what it is that I OWE! And set the contrast of the lack of having the ability to pay. So if I look at it as all those that I perceive as owing me have now Paid In Full, I will  have what I need to pay all those that I owe. So I have written the checks, I have signed them, I have deposited them and I have made my payment. All Debt is Now PAID IN FULL!

To have flow in our lives we have to remove the rocks in the path. If it is money that is hanging over your head, or weight loss, or loving relationships you must step into the KNOWING you have been supplied with all that you need. The only thing stopping you is you. What ever it is that you have felt a victim too, forgive it and let it go. Do what ever tricks you may have up your sleeve to release it.
It is time to re write Your Story!

Here is how this amazing day of mine turned out! Video added at 11:45 pm :) (In Less then 12 hours, so much has gone so well for me!)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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