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January 8, 2012 Dear Tara, IT's ME! *Home*

January 8, 2012
Dear Tara,
First, I want to THANK YOU! Thank you for how much you have enriched our lives! You had a good list and I am so grateful that you believed in it! We could not have made it this good with out you! Thank You for demanding the BEST; it has made all the difference! Thank you for attracting all of these wonderful Co-Creators in our life. We will never forget our Power Again! What I want to talk about with you right now is the House. What A beautiful HOME you have made it, INDEED! Let me tell you what I love about it, I hope you have some time, I know you are busy! :) Okay :)
The colors are so lively and amazing! Everywhere I lay my eyes, I am reminded of the beauty of the World.
I feel Safe and Alive! My creativity is enhanced so much! It is my sanctuary. The sound of the wood floors under my bare feet, The sound of the screen door, the feel of the walls under my hands. OH it is music to my soul!
I love how there is so much space! Your newly manifested Neatness helps keep the energy in the house at such a high vibration. I am so happy to have friends over for dinner, I love to have guests! Cooking in our Kitchen is MAGICAL! I love to gaze at the Gardens through the kitchen window!
I love to bring the Mac Book Outside on the back deck to write, The sound of the birds chirping, the butterflies filting around. I gather up my preferred drink and settle in for my writing time.
The Master Suite is AMAZING! I am so glad it is the entire second floor! So nice to have  even more privacy. What a wonderful room to relax in! OH and the SHEETS!!! You have exquisite taste in bedding INDEED! YUM!
I especially like that the house came with an enchanting cottage in the back for MOM, and with her own private garden too!. She has all of her books and a renewed Zest for life! I believe that her own space has enhanced this!
The Gardens are Magical! The winding paths and places' to sit and meditate, or talk with friends are really awesome. I love to tour my own garden! The dogs love it too! They even have their own grass patch to play on and they love to travel the paths. I am so glad you found this wonderful home and that it even had a pool! The chicken coop is so freakin awesome! They love to eat the garden pests and provide delicious eggs!
it is an Amazing first house INDEED!
I love that we have a Yoga/ Meditation room! It feels so good to go in there and use my mind and body in such a spiritual way. I especially love how it is big enough to have Yoga friends over to practice. The Folding Massage Tables are Awesome too! Talk About SPA TIME!
It is so private and quite! The privacy fence is even amazing! Strong, Tall and Beautiful it is!
The Guest room is DELICIOUS! HOLY MOLY!
You have made it Perfect! Working from home is even better than before!
Beautiful, Charming, Enchanting, and Green!
Deep Peace, Love, Abundance, and Well Being live here!
Well, It is time for me to go in the garden and talk with the fairies!
Me :)

The New paint Really makes this Place Delicious. SO Much Brighter now!

Mom's Cottage!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. I reallly like this! I can feel it already, walking through the house and being uplifted by the beauty and vibration! Everything in that house is perfect! I see the colors already!!!