Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1.9.2012 Dear me *Health*

Dear Tara,
HELLO!!! Thank You, Thank You! WHOA! Thank you so much for adding Health and Weight loss to your 100 Day "It is Mine"! ( By the way, I like that you were inspired to call it that!)
Tara, Our body is very happy with us! right now! All of this energy I have! My muscles feel amazing! My body is so relaxed! I love how I don't even think about it most times; to walk instead of drive! I can commune with the garden for hours!
You should see how amazing you look in a bikini! Holy Moly! Our stomach is flat, our arms are toned, our butt is so freakin cute! Our posture is perfect! The joints feel great! I love how we naturally choose foods with high vibrations!
You eyes are sparkling, there is a bounce in your step! Your HAIR has grown so much! It is amazing how quickly it grew! Luscious Long Sexy hair! Everything about your already beautiful appearance has improved! I know you thought you were beautiful the way you were, but now you are even more happy about how beautiful you are now!
Want to know what size you are wearing now? WOOT WOOT! All of your tops, weather they be tee shirts, tank tops, Expensive blouses: They are all a Small! Yes! And you love to show off your back and arms! So sexy! Your Bottoms, well, you wear anywhere from a size 7 to 10! Yeap! That's Right! it all depends on the cut and designer with that! What is so freakin cool about that is that you don't care, as long as you are comfortable it doesn't matter what size the jeans are, or the slacks! I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! Your Dress size is... That's right, You guessed it! 7!!! We are wearing more and more pretty dresses! And one of my favorite things to wear is a short skirt and my bikini underneath, with a light top. I have such ease and beauty in this, I am sure it is our inner Yogi Surfer expressing herself! I LOOK AMAZING!
The choices you have made have been soooo beneficial to our body! Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a photo shoot! Yes it is time for new pictures! We are going to get all dolled up and take pictures in three different kinds of clothes. Casual, Formal, and of course BIKINI ( Because you love to be half naked, and you have like 20 new bikini's!) Speaking about bikini's, remember the picture you choose for your vision board for your new body? Well let me give you a gift right now: You are the only person that knows the difference in your new photo at the beach and the one on your vision board! HOLLA!!!!
So these words of encouragement and thanks are for you! Keep in the Vortex Beautiful! And enjoy the ride! I have to go now because I have a hot date with the beach! Surfing lessons today! HOLLA!

Love ,

This is the Original one on the Vision Board, I will post the new one soon :)

This is the Impression of how you look NOW!

Hotness Surfer Yogi Chick INDEED!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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