Saturday, September 24, 2011

1.11.2012 DEAR ME * Paid In Full*

Dear Tara,
Thank you so much! HOLY SHIT! You know how badly you wanted to pay off all of your personal debt? How, within so much contrast, you wanted to have all of your utility bills up to date all of the time? Remember when you made a conscious effort to enjoy parting with money to do that? Remember how that shifted how you felt about paying your utilities? Well, let me tell you, all of that really paid off! Not only did you work hard before; you were still able to see that working hard did not get you anywhere. Even through it all, you practiced and practiced, you read and read, you learned and learned. When you made the monumental decision to apply it; your ALLOWING of it soon followed. YOU HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE!
Right away, (and I mean like right "NOW") every thing fell right into place. I am going to let you in on a little secret, You actually do come into all the money you need to Pay all of your bills up to date! Remember all of those Universal Checks you wrote to your utility companies? TARA, you hit for exactly the precise amount of money you needed! You bring all of your utilities up to date on the QUICKNESS!
From that moment on we have always been in the position to pay on time!
Shortly after that, as a result of an accumulation of successes, YOU PAID BACK all of your personal debt as well! THERE IS NOT A PHYSICAL HUMAN BEING THAT YOU OWE A DOLLAR TO! In fact, you have matched those amounts and given them to others that need it- like you did. TARA, you have also Paid it Forward! Turns out, it became part of your 100 days of giving!
You have also paid off your small credit card debt.
With what I know NOW, we will be finished completely with any debt at all!
Thank you for that!
Much love~Namaste,
 My dear Friend, Coby, reintroduced me to Universal Abundance checks. Oh How Happy I am she did! I designed my own check because the one I found did not resonate with me, and I really love how the creative process brings power :)
So, last night I wrote out check to all my utility companies, personal debt, and cc debt. I made the date NOW, I wrote the names of them in the Pay to the Order of. I wrote Thank you in the Memo, and signed my own name :)  Here is an Example of how I did this:

These kinds of things can be done to assist you, you have much Non Physical Assistance!

I wrote those last night because I WANT TO PAY, And I LOVE TO PAY! But if you are resistant to the paying, this will not be the exercise for you. You should start with a mantra like "I love to Pay my Bills" and say it over and over again. Then evolve to "I love electricity, running water, Internet, and sewer service! and I pay such a small price for them." If you feel that you do not have enough or earn enough, now is another really good time to get creative with money flow: " Money Comes into my life in many ways, I work for fun, All things are my choice." "BREAKTHROUGH IS MINE"

Once a Month, on the New Moon Write a check to yourself, Like This:

This must be done with Joy, Gratitude, and Allowing! Make a ritual out of it, how ever you like! When you are done and feel abundant, safe, and resourceful, hide this check around your house somewhere: stuff it in a book (I like the idea of hiding it in a Bible), behind a picture in a frame, in the rice, under the cushions, any where... and let it go :)
Here is a blank check for you! Feel free to print it and write it out to you!  Or use it as a guide to make your own :)The amount is what ever you want it to be and can believe receiving and spending. The memo can be anything you want: like :"Thank you!, Vibrational Escrow, Paid In Full, Universal Abundance, Limitless Abundance". Sign it "Law of Abundance"
The date can be the New Moon Date or "Now" Like I wrote :) what ever makes you feel comfortable with it. It is time to believe you have all the resources you need to make your life beautiful!

Infinite Universal Abundance Bank

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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