Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1.10.2012 DEAR ME *Business*

Dear Tara,
HELLO :) I want to show you how deeply I appreciate all of the marvelous manifestation that you have created. That is the purpose for me writing to your today. Thank you so much for adding Business into our 100 Day "IT IS MINE". Since you have set your mind to manifesting abundance, Business is BOOMING! You see: more then previously expected has come around. Not only were the right people attracted to your Talk Fusion and Nana's Garden Business, The right people and opportunities continued to come to you! You have created an empire. We now drive the Talk Fusion Mercedes! The Truck is all Nana's Garden Pimped out! We love driving to the sites to meet clients in our refreshed Dodge Ram! So sweet it is! Goodness, It all worked out so well! And it keeps growing!
Nana's Garden has taken off! You have attracted the right clients and have moved into the Creative role that you were meant for. You have a team of employees that do an AMAZING Job! I am loving how dedicated and talented they are! As a matter of fact- I have just given them all a handsome raise! They will see it in their next check! They are going to feel so good know that you are so appreciative of all the hard work they do.
Talk Fusion has taken off so well because you are a perfect vision of how Video communications can help people in their personal and professional life. It is really quite amazing what it has done for yours and it shows. You have enhanced 100's of people lives with the tools you have shown them, and the ones that decided they wanted to use these products as well, have built thriving business's for them selves! There are more then a few who are now driving a Mercedes too! Bob calls you the Blue Diamond Maker :) I think that is freakin awesome!
THERE IS MORE... are you sitting down? Good, because this part is truly amazing!
You have been in the Vortex so nicely, and while you were generating more and more good feelings- your creativity sky rocketed! You have been so inspired, you are painting beautiful pictures, and people are buying them! Your creativity brings massive abundance to you .  Our creative power is, in fact, a MAJOR contributor to our Financial Success.
Because of your focus and Faith- you have attracted many money making and abundance producing opportunities. What I love Most about that part is our Keen ability to act on them. Now that we are so financially abundant you are so much more giving! Like Bob said, "The Best Part of Success is being able to give more." And you have exemplified that so well! You are My Rock Star, INDEED!
As I write this, I am waiting for a very special visit. I am going to be interviewed by a very prominent person. We will be sharing our experiences over the last year and with our 100 day "IT IS MINE" and all of your amazingness. It is because you are so awesome that we have come this far, I will carry the torch, IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!
This exposure will reach millions of people that love your process. In turn much wealth is added onto you!
Thank you so much! Thank you so much for being so open to recieve! Thank you so much for all that has happened and all that you pre paved for us! This part of our life is amazing !
Well I must go for now,
The camera crew and make-up are here:)
(Interview by the Pool!:)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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