Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Gotta Work Hard....

Recently my daughter came to me and said, "Dad does not believe anything can be manifested easily, that it takes a lot of hard work to get what you want." Well, I was struck with the response "So how has that been working for you all of these years?" When you do what you love, it is never hard work. Sure it may seem like hard work to others that do not find joy in that thing, but to the person who really does what they love, do not work hard at all. The idea that it takes hard work to create the abundance one seeks is ridiculous indeed. When we see those who are truly in alignment with their purpose, they often seem as if they do not work very hard at all. I am not talking about those that have a job that they work at for 60 hours a week and make enough money to pay their $2000 mortgage and their $500 car payment. I am talking about those people that have a sense of ease and happiness about them. Those that have material abundance, but the most obvious thing about them is how they are responding to that abundance.
Let me tell you something, I have worked hard all of my life, as a matter of fact the hardest I ever worked was at my last job. That last job was the lowest paying job I had ever had in comparison to how hard I worked. I was broke all the time, my mood was difficult to maintain. I was afraid all of the time, and my body hurt. Working Hard will never give you the life of true abundance that you seek. Working Smart and Happily will. No worries that some other people may not be willing to do what you do, that is okay, that's why you are perfect for it. You are built to be perfectly happy. If you are constantly bustin your but and not making enough in exchange for that, there is a reason for it. Bustin But never got anyone rich. Diligence and persistence and happiness about your path gets Abundance to come your way. Being able to take on the challenge of loving what you do is the key. If you are not able to enjoy your work, and receive the compensation that you know you deserve, you are not doing what is needed of you to live the life of your dreams. Living this way will move you so far from the life of your dreams you may never see anything you want to see. And when you do get a glimpse, you will be so battered down by life's circumstances that you may not be able to recognize the perfect abundance you already have. This is the RAT RACE and their is absolutely nothing , no lasting abundance in that for any one. If you do not take the time to find out what you want to do, and take the necessary actions to get there, it will not happen, no matter how hard you work. So if we are to work hard on something, we had better make it something we love. If we can't we need to get in the place of finding what it is. If we are so busy meeting other peoples deadlines and being measured by other peoples willingness to see your gifts, we will stay right in the place and the Big Lies of working hard. So as I can imagine my life gaining abundance and happiness everyday, and I can see that I am truly connected in a loving happy way with my talents, I know I can receive all of the abundance I want. The moment I step away from faith in that, and trade my time for too little money doing something I think is hard work, I FAIL. I fail at living in grace to my highest being.
Moral of the story is: If you have always worked hard and now live in the home you always wanted to live in, vacation all of the places you ever wanted to go, and live a life of happiness, you are a very rare creature indeed. Most people that believe it takes hard work, have nothing to show themselves for it. Those that have pursued their passions and focused on what they loved to do are the hero's those are the people you need to listen to. They may occasionally discuss challenges they face, but they will do it with a smile because the contrast of those challenges brings them even closer to their wants.
So keep pushing, keep believing in yourself, don't fall for the lie. The only work you need to do is keeping in alignment with your passion.

Making the decision to leave work and become a cooperative component.

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  2. I hear what you're saying. I think you & I use different dictionaries though. If you define "hard work" as busting your rear to complete a task you don't enjoy, then you're right. However, I'd define "hard work" as committing yourself to a task and seeing it through to its desired result. By that definition, one can, and in my opinion should, work hard at a job they enjoy. Just a thought.

  3. Yes James i totally see what you mean, What you define as hard work I define as HAPPY WORK :) Even if the task is difficult in many ways, when it is what you want the hard disappears out the the work.

  4. James, You are a source of happiness for me! I so much appreciate you :)