Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Subject to Change

I must add this video:

Okay, Now that I have shared that, I am wanting that your mind and heart were opened to this and what this man is saying in regards to how things that are perceived by are senses are subject to change.

"You can tell what a person believes by hearing what they are saying." ~Dollar

"How did we get so screwed up in the head to assume that those closest to God should suffer the most."~ Tresa Kroger

This inspired me to write this blog tonight; really got me goin big time. So here we are and what I am about to do it change the words to some things. Some of these things are things we all can relate to and some, who knows, but what I hope it does is helps us to begin to understand how to write out NEW story. How we can breath and speak life into our story, and how we can let go of the negative self talk we all have done to ourselves from time to time. This, if you choose to do this or not, may be stretching your compfort zone. No worries, I know you can do it.

Old story is going to be plain, and new story is going to be BOLD:

I am so far in debt./ I am out of Debt

I get so many bills in the mail, I hate to even look. / I receive far more checks in the mail then I do bills.

The house I am in is in foreclosure, I don't know what I am going to do. / My home is paid for, there is no mortgage, I own it out right.

My company is laying off, I just know I am going to be next. / I am my own boss and Business is so good I am hiring more help.

My bank account is closed because it is over drawn. / I no longer use banks, I only spend the money I have, and there is more then enough all the time.

The bill collectors call day and night, I barely answer my phone anymore. / All of my debt is paid and all of my bills are paid on time. I can always answer my phone knowing it is a friend, business partner, or family.

My children are about to graduate high school, and they are wanting to go to college. I have no money put aside for that. / My children are about to graduate high school and I am so happy for them! I have money put aside for what ever they need to get started in life.

I can't believe that I am getting paid less money now then I was 20 years ago. /
I am paid more then I ever got paid before, and I don't even work as hard as I used to.

I do not know where the money is going to come from, I am afraid I will have the water shut off. / I know that I will have all the money I need and nothing will be shut off.

I am always under the gun. / I have plenty of financial leeway, money never represents pressure or fear in me.

Okay, how do you feel? Which statements feel bad? Which feel good? Write it your way; from your perspective.


I am always sick, I can not seem to shake it. / I am feeling better all the time.

I am fat. / My body is balanced and I am the perfect body shape for me.

I'm a Klutz. / I am graceful.

I will never be good looking enough to get the mate of my dreams. / The mate of my dreams is attracted to me.

My body always hurts, sometimes it is so bad I do not know if I can go on. I have to take prescription drugs to ease the pain. / I recognize that the pain I sometimes feel is an indicator to resistance. As I get calm, and soft, my resistance lifts, and my pain eases naturally.


Well here I am . I am not going to talk about what is in the news, I do not want to even know. One thing I do want to point out is that those that control the news are doing it in a very specific way. The way they do it is to lower your vibration so far that you can't even think about anything prosperous any more. have you noticed how the general humm of the place has gotten so dark... well it is because they have been telling us how dark it was even when we can see the sun is shining. We need to love the bull shit out of the world. There is no place in this prosperous, peaceful, loving mind of mine for the lies any more. "Tune out and Turn on." is what the Hippies used to say, and you know what.... They were right. Much love and light to you all.


Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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