Friday, August 26, 2011

Resistance NO MORE!

" I know you are used to resistance but we are under a new management called Higher Self, Prosperity, Well Being, and Abundance and we are only going to beat the drum of that one" ~Marilyn Holzmann
I was watching a video from my dear friend today and let me tell you, she hit the nail on the head! She addressed resistance in her life and It gave me inspiration to really focus on my new boss! As you may know, I used to have an asshole for a boss now I do not, IAM my own boss, and though I love her very much, I am finding some resistance! So today, I am going to be mindful of my own 'get-in-the-way-of-it-iveness' and start allowing my new boss to work her magik in my life. I wanted to share Marilyn's video with you because I KNOW it will help remove some barriers you have placed in your path as well. I love you all Very much and now is the time to beat to the NEW Drum!

TODAY I KNOW that all things I need and want today are allowed to manifest in my life NOW. I accept my awesomeness and my abundance. I may not know how all of these things are coming to me, but I know that I am in perfect vibration with all I desire!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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