Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Midnight Musings

Here are some quotes or sayings i felt last night and wrote down. Now I know there is one that is directly a Les brown Quote, but the rest are mine :) Please enjoy!

It doesn't matter which direction you choose, as long as it is the direction you fully want to go.

Action is useless without desire.

When you really want a thing, you will have it. All you really have to do is want and any action you need to make will become clear and easy for you.

Contrast is only here to remember you back.

You have greatness within you (LB), no one else but you can prove it to you.

Your talents are immense.

When you decide to think about it, You will soon see you have so much going your way.


There are no Limits.

Your possibilities are Endless.

You truly have infinite resources.

You are very good at getting your vibration to match up with your desires.

You are always getting what you want.

You have the ability to manifest all of your wants into physical reality almost instantly. (This is why you are here)

You always follow your gut because You Know it is the voice of the infinite source.

You are not influenced by any negativity.

You live the life Dreams are made of.

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Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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