Monday, August 8, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 15~Pure Alignment

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Well a couple of hundred other folks and I just finished up a 90 day Challenge. You know, the Kirk Nugent 90 Day Challenge :) I must share with you how awesome it has been! Kirk Nugent set forth to share his accumulation of knowledge so we could be exposed to the amazing teachers he has encountered. And I must punctuate AMAZING, because they are. Now I am sure I would have eventually come across these teachers, heck some of them I already had, BUT the timing was perfect. The length of the challenge was perfect. I explored those 90 days and swam with it! I have begun journaling again, My daughter and I have embarked on a Raw food Juice fast, I have developed a new business, I have nurtured the one I had. I have gotten better at recognizing alignment with others and have become better at removing my self form those I am not aligned with. I have experienced a great revealing of all of the things I already knew. I now find myself moving with those ideas and ideals and my heart feels happy with. I find myself seeking joy and receiving it. I see that I am in perfect alignment with all that I desire and I desire to learn more and share more and have more and improve upon myself every day. I have come to allow my perfect power. I have come to allow others to be in their perfect place. I AM, yes , indeed, IAM, so are you! I am so happy and full of joy at the knowing of this! Thank YOU SOURCE for bringing me to this alignment with these wonderful beings! I LOVE THEM!I LOVE YOU!
So here I am, I am going to continue on and become one with the Law of Attraction. I will keep sharing and listening and learning. Our abundance multiplies exponentially! Here are some awesome video's to help you get in the VORTEX with me!
Keep Coming back here I will be in the Vortex!

First Thank You Kirk!

I invite you to visit his website,his Facebook page, and Youtube!

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And, Of course; Abraham :)

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Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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