Saturday, August 27, 2011


The Art of Allowing is more then accepting good things to come your way, it is about shifting the negative away form your perception. Let me see if I can find the best words for this...
When we find someone in our lives that gives us a feeling of discontent or any negative feeling for that matter, they are in our line of perception because we invited them in via The Law of Attraction. These people come to us because we need to see what it is about ourselves we must switch. The old saying's "Kill em with Kindness" and "Flip the Script" come to mind for me when I think about this. Every time we encounter negativity, we can change it. With out fail. We can shift our minds to something better and greater.
I will give a personal example of this. Long ago in a land far away, I met a man that just seemed like he did not like me, he was in a position of power and seemed to do everything he could to make my life uncomfortable. I would notice his sneers when he walked away, I could READ his Malcontent. Around this time, I started reading the book, "The Magic of Thinking Big" and the author touched on this subject widely enough that I started to implement his advice in my situation with this other man. I began to seek out good things about him, it was small things at first. I began to openly compliment him about these things. They were genuine compliments because I myself had discovered them. As I continued to look for good things about him, I started to notice more and more and bigger and bigger good things about his life, personality, and his being. I continued to compliment him on these things. The compliments were real, so it did not make him feel uncomfortable, they opened him up. Before I know it, I am catching him talking nicely about me to others, I am observing him being kind and fair to me, and we started to develop a nice happy working relationship. I had flipped the script on my perception of our relationship with in a week. Come Christmas time (he was a direct supervisor of mine) Christmas bonus's were given out. Most of these bonus's were on a personal level, Everyone got one, but some got just a little more. Well, He gave me a $100 bottle of wine and $500 bucks! NOW that was a turn around indeed!
So the moral of the story is, when we find ourselves not getting along, we need to address how we are reacting and start responding. We need to respond in a loving way and start to expect loving in return, and we will accomplish the goals of having more meaningful and happy relationships with those around us. When we resist we may be blocking how some of our abundance is looking to come into our life. Leave no stone unturned in your quest for happiness. Seek out the good and expect the love and you will have more of it then you ever thought possible. This is about allowing.
"When you are clear about what you want, you do not have to forcefully keep yourself upon track, for, by THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, it occurs. And so, it is not difficult to be an ALLOWER. It comes easily and simply because you will not be so interested in all of those things that have nothing to do with what you are about. ~Abraham Hicks (p134 Law Of Attraction)

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Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  3. This is a wonderful post! I too have had people hate me for absolutely no reason, without even getting to know me. But you're right, when you are kind to those who mistreat you, they will soon grow a soft side for you. This is a very motivational post, thanks so much for sharing! =]

  4. Thank You Free Spirit!Remember that The haters be making you famous!

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