Friday, July 1, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 4 ~MONEY~

Lets talk about MONEY. When I think of abundance one of the things I think about is MONEY. How you think about money is often the indication of the balance of your 'Bank Account'. And it can be an indication of how much is going to flow into that bank account. So how do we get more money? Well, Let me say this (and this may not apply to you), When we think about money it is often times from the lack of it. We criminalize it, we get jealous of people that have it, we want things money can by for us, yet we don't believe we can get it. OR we think things like, I will be happy once I get that money. Let me let you in on something (I am very sure you already know this, but it is good to be reminded)you are going to feel the way you feel no matter how much money you have. Money does not change a person, it amplifies who they always are.
I have mentioned this before, the Lottery winner losing their quick gotten fortune. The dynamic behind that phenomenon is the thoughts they had about what money could do for them. They get the money, then they find they have not worked at all on becoming a happier person, buy things in hopes that that will change how they feel until they are broke again, feeling even worse about money and themselves then they may have ever felt before. MONEY will not fill any voids, only you can do that. You, nor anyone else, will ever be in the flow of abundant supplies of money if they are not in perfect alignment with their happiness about it.You may say,"I know rich people that are miserable." and I say you are right, their are rich people that are miserable, indeed. Their wealth STOPS right there. Remember the Scrooge? I would say that he never was truly rich until the point in which he connected with his joy about it. I don't want to be rich and miserable, HECK, I don't want to miserable at all! And I am sure you feel the same about that. I was listening to a video of Abraham Hicks about how to get from a place of lack of money to a place of abundance of it. I have included it here for your easy viewing. As a matter of fact, I have included 4 of these videos that I watched today. What I have learned is that for us to become in alignment with our riches, we must first be really joyous about what is coming, we have to think past our situations and be incomplete joyous FAITH that all we desire is already in store for us. This reminds me of a philosophy I came up with at a young age. I was sure then ans I am sure now, that it is the KEY to happiness and it goes like this. "The ability to live a life of happiness is to have mastered the ability to reset our level of expectations at any given moment in time." Let me give you an example of that, say you (and I am going to keep this simple) prepared a dish form a recipe that you found from your favorite chef, and it does not come out quite like you remembered when you enjoyed that dish at the restaurant. Instead of ruining your dinner and hating your meal, you find it is actually quite pleasing to your taste buds, and you look forward to making it again. There are some people who this would seem impossible, their expectations are so ridged, they never even try again, now the meal is lost and any future attempts at the recipe are washed. Does the talented artist stop creating art just because they were not pleased with their original design? (Well I am sure their are millions of talented artists that never have any success because they will not reset their expectations and keep going in joy, THEY have effectively deprived us of their beauty) Let me say this, they way to overcome things you now perceive as disappointments is to turn it around with your heart and mind. Have you noticed that rich people tend to keep at it, and poor people give up after trying. Do not try anymore, just do it, and do it (A little Art:). Every time you apply yourself, you get better and better at it. If you hold in your heart and mind that you are joyous about your journey, you will see results way faster then if you do not. Heck, you may not ever see riches if you do not embrace your joy about riches. If you hold on to feelings of guilt, jealousy, greed and lack when it comes to money, you have effectively blocked that which is yours from your reality. You not only have to want it, you have to be happy about it, because you know with all your heart that what I am telling you is true, because you have no doubt that you will be in perfect alignment with all that you desire if you so choose to be. Because you know that it is all waiting for you, regardless of your present situation, YOU KNOW that all of the Kingdom of Heaven is YOURS! Do not be afraid anymore.

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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