Thursday, July 21, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 11 ~ Stay in the Zone

I have been going through some challenges this past week. Most of the challenges have been me trying to work it out. You see, I get very uncomfortable when I have difficulty maintaining my normally cheerful attitude. So this week when I allowed outside influences to creep into my mind, I was out of my mind trying to get it out of my mind! I know I am not alone with this, and as a matter of fact, I often explore the subject of getting back in the Vortex here in this blog. You would think I would be an expert by now! Hey, as Bashar says, "This is a Master Class." Truth is, I am very good at it, so when I perceive difficulty with it, I struggle to implement the skills I have. SO, with that being said, I "happened" upon yet another amazing Abraham Hicks video. My friend, Kirk Nugent, added this to his 90 day challenge playlist and it hit the spot! I was so concerned with "What " to "Do", "How" to "get out" of my bad mood, that I was missing the simpleness of it all. You see, when we have strong emotion about anything, it is because it is very important to us. It doesn't matter whether that emotion is bad or good. What matters is that our emotions let us know what is important by surfacing during all sorts of occasions we have manifested in our lives. Our good feeling let us know that we are on the right path. Our bad ones let us know we are on the right path, but we are not taking the best route. Let me see if I can explain that better... Okay, I will talk about what we all want...peace. Now if we are happy and excited about peace we see in our lives or others lives, or even when we just imagine the peace and feel good...WE ARE MANIFESTING PEACE into our existence. BUT, when we feel bad about peace, when all we notice is the lack of peace, and we start to notice more and more lack of peace all around the world, WE ARE MANIFESTING LACK of peace into our our existence. So when we want something the only way to manifest it is to be HAPPY about the thing we are manifesting. WE ARE GOING TO MANIFEST IT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, so we may as well manifest the best feeling of it we can. We can not manifest a positive money flow if we are constantly noticing lack of money. We can not manifest our perfect relationship, if we are constantly remembering a heart break. We can only manifest how we feel about those things, we choose, by our focus, how we come into money, love, peace... So what did Abraham say about the action to take when we are feeling badly about something we see has manifested in our lives? DO nothing, Take a nap, go to sleep, meditate! Reminds me of the ole saying "When in doubt, go with out." In my trying to get happy, I made the situation worse by 'doing' too much to change it. In me doing too much to change it, I did the opposite. I intensified the bad feelings and created more negativity.
So when you feel overwhelmed about anything, it is because it is important to you. If you are overwhelmed with happiness, you are on the way! If you are overwhelmed with unhappiness, it is time to accept it and let it pass. Every time you feel it sneaking back in, let it pass. Take a nap, go to sleep, meditate...get on the Youtube and listen to some Abraham, read a book, just center yourself until you can focus on the happy feeling again.
You are not alone, as I am not alone, we are in this "Master Class" together and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. This Is a great blog! This is something I am writing about and you inspired me to write more! I love it!!! <3

  2. Well Sara, You really were quite an inspiration to me yesterday! So calm and forgiving! I love you and Thank You for lighting the way!