Sunday, July 17, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 10 'Write it Out'

As you know I have been experimenting with ways to make 'Create Workshops' more creative. I feel that buy adding different creative techniques to our workshops, we can become more fully involved in it, ya know, get it moving along on all planes. I have been having a great time creating mini 'Mind Movies', or 'Video Vision Boards'. Not only have I enjoyed making them, I watch them, and feel it.
So , during this, I have been thinking a lot about writing. I have always wanted to write a book and was always stuck. What the heck am I gonna write about; My Past??? Well maybe one day, but for now, I think I will just start to write my future.The old saying, "Write your own story" and "the world is your stage" is ringing in my head.
Along with video, photography, meditating, gardening, and reading, I am going to start writing it out. One day at a time, paying close attention to the details. May hap I will revisit "The Artists Way". This book really helped me through one of my dark nights of the soul. I became more creative and focused. I became more forgiving and happy. If it did that for me then, JUST IMAGINE WHAT IT COULD DO FOR ME NOW! My abilities to remain focused and happy are far more sophisticated than they were then.
The gist of "The Artists Way" is about letting it flow, really bringing flow into your life by way of focused journaling. Every morning, first thing, you write for three pages straight, with out regards to grammar, sentence structure or any formalities. Sort of a stream of consciousness to fuel the soul. At first, it may seem difficult (It had been for me), then it starts to evolve, and become wondrous. The key here is to not worry. You wait 90 days before you even look back at what you wrote (This is a must). I feel the reason for this step is because we tend to be so critical, so absorbed in the physical manifestations, that we may just talk ourselves out of it. This focused Journaling is called "Morning Pages". So I am going to be doing my morning pages in addition to my other 'work'.

How ever you choose to get creative with your "Creative Workshops" is excellent. The more we infuse our creativity to our manifestations, the more practical they are. Lets put it to 'work' for us. Lets have fun and increase our happiness!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. My Morning Pages will be written as if it has already happened. :)

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