Monday, July 11, 2011

'Creative Workshop' Manifesting Abundance Part 7

As I read more and more about the Law of Attraction, and learn how to utilize it to help me stay on course with my highest vibration. I starting doing 'Creative Workshops'. I want to make it as creative as possible so I decided to create short movies to express my manifestations. This is so wild because as I got more involved with this particular movie I am going to show, I became "Lost" in time. I literally worked on the edits for this last night for 3 hours, and found myself SHOCKED that all that time past at all. I feel as if I traveled 'time' closer to my want.
'Creative Workshops' will help you to get in and keep the vibration of the vortex. So let your hair down, and get as creative as possible with your workshop. There are so many mediums available to us, we can write, draw, paint, work with clay, garden, sing, make music, make video, take pictures, talk about it dance about it. You get the idea. Get into the zone and allow your whole heart and mind to become in alignment with your 'Creative Workshop'. And most of all, HAVE FUN DOING IT, and TAKE THAT FEELING WITH YOU EVERYWHERE!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. Most awesome ! I can't wait to make my Own Vision Board Movie to get my Creative Workshop Juices goin! Woot Woot!