Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 3

I must admit, I have been having a very great time studying! I have been reading, watching, listening and practicing so much over the last few days.
Today, I want to focus on being happy. As I read, learn, watch, listen, more and more, the common golden thread that weaves in and out of all I am learning is....HAPPIENESS. It seems to be that we can not vibrate our desires is we have any unhappiness about them. Let me see if I can explain what I mean by this:
When we want something very much, but focus on the lack of it in our lives, we create an uneasy, possibly even sad emotional state about it. Think about what that would do if you were to achieve the things you desire. It would attach the negative feelings to the result, and then you will continually attract more negative feelings and out comes. This is , I do believe, the birth of the saying, "Do not take anything for granted, for it will be taken from you." When we have sadness or worry about family, friends, money, love, success; we squander it away and become more and more of the worry, unhappiness and lack that we were so concerned about before. This is why poor people that win the Lottery go broke so fast. They did not get or see any real joy in the millions. They worried and worried, and worried, and worried, until they lost it all again.
You may ask; "How can I create more joy when I see myself in so much pain?" The answer is to stop judging your life based on what you see, and start living by what you want to see. Do that with happiness.
Your next question may be; "How do I tap into happiness all the time?"
And my answer will be; Be very aware of your now, and make all your decisions about what you should do based of the emotion of Happiness. If it makes you happy, do it. As you do that more and more you will get better and better at it. You will attract more happiness and the universe will respond to your vibration of happiness and give you more. This may be difficult for many people; suffering is a common ailment in society today. Why? Because we keep focusing on the lack and the pain so much and so often that we begin to experience only lack and pain. Let me let you in on something...there are some very wealthy people in this world that use the power of attraction against you. They control the media, the banks, and the governments. They flood you with evil and negative events and emotions that soon that is all hat you experience. Now the only thing that keeps this perpetuating in your life is you complete submission to participate in it. Throw away, sell, disconnect, get rid of your TV (of course until you are able to attract only what makes you happy from it) You see the power and money these individuals attracted into their existence by keeping you in a state of negative vibration (which you chose)is temporary. Now you may say; "I don't choose to be a slave, I did not choose to be sick, I do not choose poverty." And I say to you, "Yes indeed you do" You have been an active participant in all of your woes. The more you feel lack and pain the more lack and pain you will have. So if it is riches and health you desire, be rich and healthy.
How do we practice wanting from a place of Happiness? Well, we must focus and give all of our attention to the desired outcome. We must do things that get us in that vibrational state so we may manifest what we desire with happiness. Let me give you an example:
I love dogs; I love dogs so much that I want all dogs to have happy healthy homes with humans. I want them to feel love, sit by the fireplace, and chase butterflies and run. I do not want them to be abused, sheltered, put to sleep or any of the horrible things that happen all the time with dogs. I USED to watch, read, and focus on all of the negative things that happen and I created more of these things. I attracted many people that work in rescue. Now all of these people are amazing and beautiful people, BUT, I do see that most of them never focus on the end result of their work, they focus on all the bad. This generally leaves them in a position of lack. They do not have enough money to keep their work going, they get accused of hording, they spread more horror about dogs then they truly desire, because that is all they focus on. Now I have to let them live it, I have to allow them to take their path. I can IMAGINE the great success they would have in improving the lives of dogs if they switched their attention to the best outcome. This is how dogs think; they do not dwell in the past. Have you ever seen the gratitude that a rescue dog has? They leave it all behind and live happy. When you find a dog does not let go, it is because of the vibration the people around them give. I KNOW beyond a SHADOW of a Doubt that all dogs are capable of being happy all the time, now we should tune into that.


Write a list of all the things that make you feel Joy.
Concentrate on the feeling.
And bring it with you EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.
Just do it.

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. I found your blog because I'm starting a juice fast today, but I'm really into the law of attraction and I think that's why I was drawn to your blog. I really love these posts. Just what I needed. Thanks!

    1. I hope you enjoy your juice fast! is it your first time? I learned a lot about myself on mine! I am very happy you found my blog and look forward to hearing about your fast!