Saturday, June 25, 2011

Manifesting Abundance Part 1

an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

All this week I want to focus on how we create abundance in our Lives, and how we can shift any negative abundance into positives abundance with a shift in out thoughts.
Today I want to talk about MONEY, and how we can begin to create an abundance of it, How we can get out of the seemingly never ending cycle of lack.
There are some simple steps we can take to get us on our way to creating financial abundance in our lives:

~ Change your Mind
I can not stress to you the importance of changing your mind when it comes to money. When you see someone you perceive as being rich, SQUASH all negative thoughts you may find arising. Celebrate their abundance and be grateful you are on your way. When you receive a bill in the mail, Get HAPPY (regardless of your circumstances, for they are about to change!) Start focusing on your HAVES and leave behind your Have Nots. Eliminate any negative thoughts about money (this will take discipline, and if you don't have this, cultivate this skill NOW)
~ Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation (with a Light heart)
Analyze your income, list your expenses, and your assets. If you are not sure of all of these, track your income and expenses for a week or a month and you will see how to categorize your money.
~ Spend Less Than You Have
One of the biggest reason why millions of Middle Class Americans are becoming poor and not rich is because they are spending more than they earn. They are spending their money on things, and not investments. So if you find you do not have money to INVEST, start small, and pay YOU first. Refuse to live a life that is about nothing but paying for things you don't need.
~Do Not Get Into Debt
Now that you have taken a look at your Income and Expenses, you are armed with the knowledge of what you can afford RIGHT NOW. Do not take out credit to get something, do not feed the banks your money. If you want something, focus on receiving it. Most people spend their lives getting what they want now, instead of disciplining them selves to get what they want out of their life. Learn to wait, smile with patience. Act like you already have it, but don't go into unnecessary debt to get it.
~You are the recipient of the First Bill to PAY
THIS STEP IS NOT AN OPTION. You must pay you first! A simple way to figure on how much to pay yourself is to give your savings account what you would TIP a fantastic Server. If you are a 20% tipper (which I highly suggest you become if you are not already) take 20% of your income and set it aside. SAVE IT. You will be happy you did. Remember that "PREPARATION LOVES VICTORY" and you will be ready for that opportunity, that investment, that emergency if you pay yourself first.
~If you do not have the $$$; Don't Buy It
This is a discipline that RICH people know all about! Rich people do not buy toys until their investment create the money for them. Poor People by toys with their hard earned cash. Educate yourself on how the rich spend their money, and avoid keeping up with the Jones'. All the Jones' are going to be doing is trying to sell their Stuff for way less then they paid just to make ends meet. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT! Be SMART about what you buy, and if it is not going to make more money for you, don't buy it until you have your money making more money for you. There is nothing wrong with having things, vacations, cars etc, what is wrong is WHEN a person buys it.
~Make a Budget
Like I said previously, list your Income, Bills, and savings. If your bills get in the way of your ME ACCOUNT, get rid of some of them. Do not worry, soon you will be able to get those "things" back (or you may decide they aren't right for you). I eliminated Cable TV, why? Because it is a distraction, it is loaded with ADVERTISEMENTS and LIES. It takes too much time away from getting what I want. So it is GONE, and I have saved $50 a month leaving that alone. That is one example of reducing bills.
~ Pay the Bills RIGHT AWAY!
Their is nothing more damaging to a positive money attitude than a pile of UNPAID BILLS. Figure out what you need, and keep it. Keep the bill pile LIGHT and the PAID Bill Pile DEEP. Create alternatives and become more self sufficient. Get some rain Barrels to reduce the water bill, build or buy a solar panel and reduce your electric bill, grow a garden and get Organic vegetables for the cost of seed and save on the Grocery bill. Get skills that are assets, and give yourself a RAISE. REMEMBER: "VICTORY LOVES PREPARATION" be SMART, have faith AND USE YOUR MONEY wisely.

~Change Your Language
Eliminate "I can not afford that" and make it "How can I afford That" This simple step will produce actions that make results.Be GRATEFUL and MANIFEST.

Rich People Spend More money on their Education then anything Else. I am not talking about college education, I am talking about self education. They have LARGE LIBRARIES. Dedicate a portion of your day, EVERY DAY to learning.

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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