Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tara & Sara's 30 Day Juice Fast

My daughter and I are beginning our 30 day Juice Fast this Monday, May 9th.

We are very excited for this! Our goals are quit clear:

Weight Loss.
We both have many ponds to lose to reach optimum weight for our body types. During the first 30 days, we hope to get a real head start on that. Sara weighs in at 226 and hope to loose 26 of those pounds at the end of this 30 days. I weigh in at 236 and hope to lose 36 of those pounds with this initial Juice Fast. We are not hung up on the actual pounds, so if we only lose 10, that will be just fine.

We both would like a more radiant appearance in our skin. Blemish free in 30 days.

Physical Health.

We both would like to see major improvement in energy levels, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Disease prevention and arrest.
Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, inflammation, cancer risk, hemorrhoids, tooth decay. We don't have major issues with these things at this time, but it runs in our families; and considering our obesity, these things are imminent if we don't make a stand.

Spiritually and Mentally.
We would both like to improve our mental clarity, memory retention, and mental attitude. We also would like to utilize our clarity to begin a much deeper meditative practice, connecting with spirit.

One of our major ambitions is to reduce our dependency of fossil fuels and also reduce our dependance on the consumerist life style. We will reduce our carbon foot print and gain much more freedom with it.

Over all Food choices.
For Sara and I , we see this as a beginning to a much larger stand on health. We will develop and maintain diets that will continue to nurture our bodies, minds, spirit, and relationship with the world. When this 30 days is over, we will not stop there. We wanted to make this a 30 day challenge to give us small steps to increase our confidence and encourage others to join us on our quest for ultimate health., Lets face it, not many people in today's western society, want to even consider juicing for 60 or 90 days, but most of us can commit to 30. 30 days is a milestone along the way to a much healthier interaction with our bodies.

Here is our Introductory Video:

There are many things to consider for this Fast. I urge you to do your research , there are volumes of information Juice fasting all over the internet.

You will need a few things:

A Juicer.

You may already have one buried in the cabinet, or you may want to purchase one. If you don't have the funds for that, talk to you neighbors. Chances are someone has on on your block that has one and would be willing to lend it to you. When you return it, you will have inspired them to use it as well! Jack La Lane juicer will do, their are better so it really depends on your finances, (or what you neighbor has). Don't forget to check Craig's List for gently used Juicers. This is a very good option especially for those who will not shop at big box stores or on the internet

Vegetables and Fruits.

Of course I recommend getting all organic vegetables. The only down fall is they are expensive. Shop local food markets, like CSA's or Farmers markets. They usually have organic vegetables far more affordable then store bought organics ( or at least they should be). Often Organics Vegetables and fruits are shipped in from far away states and countries, driving up the cost. This would be a real good time to start a juicing garden for the future. You will develop a very good habit and will need to feed it:)

You may have to start with store bought conventional vegetables. The key here is to be aware of GMO and washing. As the fast goes on and you are buying zero packaged goods and factory meats, you will have more $ for Organic vegetables.

Again, Check with neighbors and see if they grow vegetables. Often time the home garden has excess and they will be happy to share with you or trade.

Here is Our List:

Cabbage (red and green)


















Pepper ( sweet )




Dont Juice! Only Blend list:




And soft flesh should be blended not Juiced ( or you can just eat em :)

I hope this helps you get prepared for the Fast. If you have any questions, advice or input, We would LOVE to hear it!

PS Join our 30 Day Juice Fast Group on Face Book!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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