Monday, May 9, 2011

Tara & Sara's 30 Day Juice Fast DAY 1

This is May 9th, 2011 Day One of the 30 Day Stage 1 Juice Feast

TARA Age 39

5'3" 233lbs
Neck 15
Upper Arm 16
Wrist 7
Chest 45
Thorax 40 1/2
Waist 45
Hips 50 1/2
Thigh 30
Knee 18 1/2
Ankle 10

SARA age 19

5'0" 227
Neck 15
Upper Arm 18
Wrist 7
Chest 47
Thorax 42
Waist 43
Hips 51
Thigh 28
Knee 17 1/2
Calf 17
Ankle 10

This is measured in Inches. We will post results at the beginning of every week. We will make a video everyday about how we feel, and this way you can see how our looks change. We will also post our body shoots every week ( In the beginning this will be a lill embarrassing, but no worries because we are changing :)

Keep in mind that health is the real goal here, so if you are not over weight, this is still a good Juice fast to get your health in the proper position. If you are over weight ( or just want to shed some pounds along the way) the physical transformation will be awesome!

Here's to your Health!

Tara and Sara

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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