Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soul Nutrition By Philip McCluskey

Just as important as food nutrition, are the ways in which we nourish our souls. Take time for yourself. Take time for others. Take time for faith. People who consider themselves spiritual (and it doesn't matter how that's defined) tend to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. They laugh more. They trust in whatever they trust in and therefore feel a deep peace and connectedness to the entire Universe.

This faith can be expressed through group activities:

· Solitary time

· Mentor-ship

· Research and learning

· Philosophy

· Movement

· Teaching

· Artistic expression

Whatever works for you, whatever allows you to reach fully into feeling loved, connected, cared for and nurtured is the best expression for you, and know that it may be a combination of several, and that it may change often depending on your specific needs and moods.

Spend time with happy people. This is one simple step to becoming happy yourself, and happy people have been proven again and again to be generally healthier people.

Like the old adage of making yourself smile even if you don't really feel like it, that and also being around people who are happy (and smiling!) become those cliché statements because they're true!

Over the next few days...

Take some time to close your eyes and connect with that deep peace within you. Connect with others, get out there, maybe through a group of friends, maybe meeting new people at a www.meetup.com group. Interact and share life and love with those around you.

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Tara Woodruff

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