Saturday, May 21, 2011

I know the Cure: Evita's Story

There are so many reasons why I posted this; first of all is because I love you and do not want you to see or know of the pain that comes with any life threatening disease. Second of all, because I found this gem. Some of you may know that my daughter and I are on a Juice/Raw Food fast. We are 12 days in and have been very good, no cheating at all! No coffee (which I love) no beer, no meat, no bread, no pasta, no refined foods at all. We have embarked on this for many reasons; primarily for weight loss, clarity, and disease prevention.
I have been interested in nutrition all of my life, although I rarely followed it. I always knew about proper combinations, the toxicity of meat (especially factory farmed meat). I always knew about the dangers of Pharmaceuticals, and fast food, I just never implemented it as far as I have now. I have done mini fasts, where I eliminated one toxin or another: 28 day no alcohol, 30 day no meat, 21 day no simple carbohydrates, etc... But never all at once. It took me years to come to the place where I felt safe with my strength to complete such a task. I could not ever even contemplate being successful this long on a raw food diet!
I DID NOT WANT TO WAIT until someone told me I was dying, or until I was past middle age (which I am about to enter into in October) to decide I wanted to be healthy. I see so many people; friends, family, friends children, friends parents, strangers succumb to devastating , preventable disease, and I did not want to join the statistics.
Both my daughter and I were headed down a very bad path. We were both obese, and disease was knocking on our door. We both have aspirations of the physical sort. I want to learn to surf (by the age of 40), want to enjoy my physical body and not be feeble. I don't want to take medications from a pharmaceutical company, where their sole purpose is to generate profit from the ill. I WANT TO LIVE, not merely exist.

As for after the fast: I plan to be far more conscious of what I eat. I will have made a full transition to organically grown local food. I am not sure if I will be meat free, but I do know it will not be something I eat more then once a week. I do know that I will be more than 60% raw and not eat any cooked foods after 8 pm. I also know that I will attain physical health and participate daily in body loving activities like YOGA, and SURFING, and WALKING, and GARDENING. I know I will be whole.

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte's Story from Allison Biggar on Vimeo.

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