Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello Fellow Gardeners and Gardeners in the making!

We are so excited to see our Chicks growing up healthy and strong! Looks like the Buff Orpington is the most dominate! The Gold laced Wyandotte is the most people friendly and the others are working on their own personalities! We took them outside for a while yesterday, We still kept them in their little tractor because they would be able to get out of the fence :) They are getting their tail feathers!
Here is a video !

We also made our Own BUTTER! So easy! First I got some organic Cream and tried it in the blender, that did not work out so good, Just made a whipped cream. So I moved it into my Mini Processor and started it on low and held the button for a minute or two. I was amazed at how it was changing in texture. Then I put the High setting on and left it go for a few more minutes. AN VIOLA! I had BUTTER! I drained all of the Butter milk out of it and put a dash of sea salt in it. SO AWESOME! Now I have to try to make it with the jar and marble method. It is very good to know how to make things with out the use of electric! I also want to make it with Goat cream, Raw goat cream! I have to look around pretty hard for that. My Flip froze so I made a slide show for the butter Process. Check out Dakota! He stole some butter milk!

We wish you all happy gardening!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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