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GUYS & GIRLS: CREATE your LIFE 1/24/2011: BROaDWaY JiM x EJ NEGR...

Monday, January 24, 2011
CREATE your LIFE 1/24/2011: BROaDWaY JiM x EJ NEGRE Interview


On this Journey I have embarked on I have met many interesting people. Some good, some bad but all interesting and CREATIVE. Growing up I was always into art, drawing and painting and the one thing that I said, as I became more and more in tune with myself, was that despite what I end up doing I would do it MY WAY and always be me. I knew I wanted to incorporate ART into what I was doing but did'nt know how or in what manner but as I always knew and understood, THOUGHTS become THINGS ...

I was on facebook one day and came across this young man's art work which really resonated within me. His visually entertaining and stimulating work captured my eye from first glance. I knew I wanted to collaborate with EJ and had to take the time to reach out and let him know how much I loved his hard work and dedication to his passion for what he does. Come to find out, Ej was into my work as much as I was into his. We inspired one another and respected each others passions and dreams. Motivational Speaker meets Visual Animation Artist ... There are NO limits to what can happen next ...

EJ and I are currently working on a project we are calling "CREATE your LIFE" which is just about wrapping up. I had to ask this young man, which took me 3 months to actually start working with due to his busy schedule, if he had the time to grace the pages of Guys & Girls and have him as the FIRST to feature on a new idea I had to shine light on those, whom I have met on this journey, who are out there dedicating themselves, through adversity , consistently working hard on CREATING their own LIVES. I would like to introduce everyone to the "CREATE your LIFE" interview series here on Guys & Girls Online. Now without further ado, World I would like to introduce ... EJ Negre

Q: Tell us about yourself, who is EJ Negre? (Name, Age, Ethnicity, Occupation, Likes/ Interests
A: Hey! I go by the name EJ Negre, I am 21 years of age, single (hello ladies), & Filipino. I am a graduate from the Vancouver Film School off their 2d animation program and now work as a freelance illustrator. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. In my spare time I like to learn new things, shoot zombies in Call of Duty and party occasionally.

Q: How long have you been into art?
A: I have been very blessed to be introduced to art at a very young age, I can’t recall but I remember as far as watching my first sesame street episode and picking up my first pencil. So, a VERY long time ago.

Q: Who and what inspires you?
A: Great Question. I am hugely inspired by Hip-Hop, the nightlife, and gorgeous women. Looking at pictures of New York and Hollywood also do it for me. As for people who inspire, they have got to be Santa Inoue, Felipe Smith & Kaws for their Art style// Lil-X & Hype Williams for their music videos//Paulo Coehlo for his great writing// Dame Dash, Jay-Z & Diddy for their hustle//Pharrell & Kanye West for their music & Fashion // Jim Hernandez for his motivation! ; )

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: I been pretty greedy lately and have my fingers dipped in all sorts of pies. Delicious ones of course. Right now as you all know we have the long anticipated Broadway Jim ‘Create Your Life’ poster on the way! Also a few ongoing projects that include designing posters for a few events, logos and mixtape covers for local musicians.All enough to fill up any empty space on a schedule.

Q: What's your philosophy on LIFE?
A: You gotta want it as bad as you need oxygen!

Q: Biggest misconception about you?
A: Some people actually think i’m crazy. No I am just mad inspired!

Q: Last words?
A: Looking forward to what the future holds! Let’s work!!


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GUYS & GIRLS: CREATE your LIFE 1/24/2011: BROaDWaY JiM x EJ NEGR...: "On this Journey I have embarked on I have met many interesting people.  Some good, some bad but all interesting and CREATIVE.  Gr..."

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