Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uncle Joey

I had a crazy dream last night! I am a believer in dreams. I believe that we get messages from our source, and this one had one...BIG TIME. I am not sure completely of what it meant, it could be very literal. I will think on it today, but I want to share it becasue I have a feeling this may have a message for you too.

I went to visit my home town and stopped by the bar i used to work and Play at. ( now in my dreams, if this bar is there, it is always a place I don't go. Well, this time I was thirsty for a good drink. The place had changed very much, and now catered to the yuppie type crowd instead of the blue collar crowd it used to. It had fancy everything, granite table tops and all. (In reality this bar hasn't changed in decor but it has changed in clientele.) I see Uncle Joey ( I changed his name) and we sit and talk about things. I tell him about the two business I am running and that I am still working at the deli, and he gets upset with me, he looks at me and says; "You were always too willing to do anything for work, you'd climb on a roof for work." I said well what am I supposed to do? I need to pay the bills, take care of my family." Uncle Joey says, "You just don't get it, work doesn't pay your bills and take care of your family; MONEY does, and you are not doing what you need to to get it.Sure you'll work, and work hard for your job, your business, but you refuse to work hard for MONEY."
He was obviously disappointed and upset and went to leave, I followed him and kept asking questions like "what can I do , tell me, how do I start, where do I begin?"
He would not answer, he just kept walking away saying "when you figure it out, I will talk.". I chased him, I wanted to know.

So I am going to think and meditate on what my Uncle Joey told me in that dream last night, and when I come to grips with it, I will let you know what I think.
Much Love,

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From Wikipedia:
Wage slavery refers to a situation where a person's livelihood depends on wages, especially when the dependence is total and immediate. The term draws an analogy between slavery and wage labor, and may refer to an "[un]equal bargaining situation between labor and capital", particularly where workers are paid comparatively low wages, or it may draw similarities between owning and employing a person, which equates the term with a lack of workers' self-management. The latter covers a wider range of employment choices bound by the pressures of a hierarchical social environment e.g. working for a wage not only under threat of starvation or poverty, but also of social stigma or status diminution.

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