Friday, November 5, 2010

Stay Focused

This is an amazing world, all of the things you think about come true. We are involved with such a deep connection that very few of us truly understand. It is amazing how what we think comes to manifest. Ever notice how when we think of something, it appears? Let me give you an example, The other day my daughter and I were shopping and we were talking about my friend...then suddenly, out of no where, she appeared! Ever notice how, when you think about your bills and hold negative thoughts about them, you seem to receive more of them in the mail? Ever notice when you think of someone, they call?
What I am proposing here is that you and I embark on a journey of positive thought. Really focus on positive things. Start small if you need to. Get used to thinking with positive intent. Then begin to stretch your thoughts and start focusing on the most positive outcomes of all of your endeavors. I want you to let go of the worry of "how" you will get there, and start just focus on what you desire. Be careful not to allow any negative conditioning you have been programed to believe. Take the time to sit in quite contemplation about the most beautiful things you can muster up in your complex imagination. When you feel yourself slipping into a negative mind set, DO NOT get angry, Just smile and say to yourself, ' Thank you for the reminder to stay focused. I am achieving my dreams right now, and I am HAPPY about it.' When you are writing checks to send to the utility companies or credit cards or what ever you have bills for, and when you write them, think about how grateful for them you truly are. The roof over your head, the electricity, the water flow, the credit card that came in handy when you needed it most and send your payments with love and happiness. Then take it to the next level, and envision yourself receiving checks, payments for the value you bring. Imagine going to the mail box seeing that there are more checks written out to you then bills requesting you to write one.
Think about your dreams and focus on their reality. You see, if you think about it, it starts to form into reality, this is LAW, this is truth. Place yourself in the position of receiving and gratitude and you will see the world come alive and meet your to manifest your desires!

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Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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