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On Success

If you would know the road ahead, ask someone who has traveled it.
Chinese Proverb

Remaining a Student

It is said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill and that talent is often over come by persistence. These things are true in life and in business. When we set out to do a thing, we naturally look for information about it. We search the Internet, we go to the library and research the subject. We find others who have had success in it and we study what they have accomplished, and how they accomplished it. We get hungry for the knowledge and we find it.
As we go on in the quest for information on learning about our aspirations we will find many examples of people that have made an impact in the field. Some will have a brief stay and others will be a force in the field for decades, even extending past their life times.
This holds true with Network Marketing. It can be observed that leaders in the network marketing industry come and go, few remain steady successes. Sure, the money is a marker for success in this industry, but it is not the lasting marker to define who the leaders really are.
The true leaders of network marketing are those that have had monetary success and resilience. Leaders in this industry often have failures and experience ups and downs in their business. They are similar to us, we all have ups and downs. The difference is what does a leader do with these bumps in the road? The true definition of a leader is the ability to persist through the tough time and come out the other end.
The question is, How do they do it? How do they keep going through and reaching new plateaus of success against the odds? The answer is simple, though the process is not. They pull up their britches and put their nose back to the grind stone. They set to learning more and put themselves back into LEARNING mode.
What is the one thing that millionaires have in common beyond everything else? It is not the cars they drive, or the types of homes they live in, or the clothes they wear. It is their education. I am not talking about traditional college education, I am talking about their personal libraries. Millionaires spend far more money on their personal development then any other thing.
Millionaires are constantly seeking to improve on their situation. They are constantly reading and researching. They are constantly BEING as student.
When we set out to become something or develop a skill, we must remain a student. Never allow yourself to think that this big check you just earned is the marker of your success, if you do it may be your last. The money will run out and you will be wondering where it went. You may even keep trying, doing the same thing over and over, but if you do not get back to work and continue to sharpen the skills you have and learn the skills you need, your success will be short, and the money will run out.
In all fields; the most successful people constantly continue to learn about their craft. Stylists constantly go to hair shows and color clinics. Professors attend seminars. Artists attend art shows and frequent gallery’s. Football players watch endless hours of tape. Writers read nonstop. They do not just sit and count their money, they do not just talk about how good they were, they work hard to improve upon their last achievement. The are constantly striving to beat their PERSONAL BEST..
Successful learners are also the best teachers. Teaching others is a must when learning. A real leader in Network marketing is always showing others the way. They are dedicated to helping others learn about their craft. They share what they KNOW and what they have done to achieve their latest level of success.

In network marketing we will see some rise up to the top, just to fade away. The reason is they thought they new all they needed to know, and did not share how to do it. So as we go up the ladder, let us remember to remain a student. Learn each rung of the ladder inside and out, and continue to share to the person (or people) under us what we have learned. Make a lasting difference in your life and in those around you. Do not be a one hit wonder, keep at it, sharpen and share and your success will humble you and not ruin you.

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Remaining a student is beneficial and essential while being a leader. Remaining a student allows us to learn and grow to continue teaching. Not only continue teaching but It also broadens our teachings subject matters , relevance, and topics snowballing to more experiences to share by example.~ Jason Aviles “Guys And Girls Online”

There is so much to learn in the world of Network Marketing. It is an ever changing. If you do not "remain a student" you will eventually be out of business. Re-tooling yourself is essential to success in the industry and in life. Even the most successful leaders are constantly learning from others...what makes a successful leader is implementing the learning's that have been taught to you, while showing others what you have learned. ~ Matt Consentino “Xango”

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