Friday, November 12, 2010

DAY 5! No-Complaints!

GOOOOOODDDD MORNING!!!!! I am very excited today! I really wanted to make a video this morning, but it seems I am having technical I will use the written word and leave the spoken word for later. :)
So far so Good over here with the challenge! I have noticed something pretty amazing, (which is very good because it was the birth idea of this challenge).
I have more time! I have magically created more time in the day to get the things I need done. WHAT! I guess I was really spending way to much time doing complaining type things, and it was distracting me from the things I must do to continue down the path I have designed for myself. So today's subject is ....

I was listening to E.T ( motivational speaker aka. ET The Hip Hop Preacher) and he loves to focus on time management, and how we think. ( I love this guy!) In one of his videos he talks about time, how many hours in a day and what we should be doing with it. He breaks it down using sleep as the major time stealer. When i think of sleep, I think of filling our time with useless entertainment or mainstream media news. Real sleep is there to rejuvenate us and gives us energy to accomplish our goals. But when we spend so many waking hours in a state of 'sleep' we are stealing precious time away from our lives.
I recently did something that was not so popular... I cancelled the Television part of my cable plan! Yeap, I said I don't need TV so why am I spending money on it. I had already gotten really good at not watching it, but I kept it around anyway... I could use that money to further invest in myself!
So what can we do with all of this extra time? READ, READ, READ, exercise, meditate, develop a new skill, write, . The point is WE CAN SPEND OUR TIME ANYWAY WE WANT TO, the question is; WHAT ARE YOU SPENDING YOUR TIME DOING? Life is short folks, don't waste a minute complaining; spend it doing something, Find your passion and LIVE IT!

here is a link to one of the many motivational videos ET has posted on Youtube. Subscribe, friend him and tell him Coach Tara Woodruff sent you!


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