Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 4 of 21 day No-Complaints Challenge!

GOOD MORNING! Day 4 of the 21 Day No-Complaints Challenge is here! it is 4:28 am Eastern Standard Time and I am ready for this new day! Why? Because I am blessed to be here in my office, blessed to be drinking this fine cup of coffee, and blessed to have another day to manifest my dreams and the life I desire. I have a lot of things to be greatful for, infact, if you look closly at your life, you will see that you already live a life of abundance. This 21 day challenge is here to help us all see that . Where we lack, we will increase.
This morning I wantes to write about setting goals and working those goals and achieving those goals. I recently saw that a very good friend of mine has become dissheartend about her ability to achieve goals in her life. She feels as though everytime she gets close, SOMETHIONG happens to destroy her plans. She has become convinced that Fate not Faith has control of her life. I want to remind us that just when we think all is lost, and the end is like a mere dream, WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE BREAKTHROUGH! It is like Birth. We prepare and prepare, and whn the day comes we experience MASSIVE discomfort, just before we are released into this world. I am here to remind us that Life does NOT happen to US, WE HAPPEN TO LIFE!
If you feel like your efforts are constantly comprimised by outside influences, youhave been misslead. One way or another you have bought into this lie. So know that you relize this I want you to by into something else all together. Kirk Nugent in his CD set "Pursue Your Passion" says something along the lines of this... BELIEVE has 2 words in it that can help us to achieve.... Be Lie, Belive in the Lie ( you already have so this is not new to us). I have been told by many mentors that we must fake it till we make it. Embrace your dreams and BELIVE that they are already yours. Take MASSIVE action and do not let the moments of challenge convince you that your dreams are not attainable. I am going to add a video here of one of my favorite uplifting personalities and I will catch you all later with Video of Day 4! Be Blessed! I love you!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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